Friday, August 13, 2010

First Day of school

We survived the 1st Day of School (despite a few bumps)

The kids were champs and did great. Darby's exact quote was that it was 'totally awesome'

She wasn't nervous a bit and I was worried for her at all.

Luke in his first day of school outfit and new shoes that he loves.

Everyone went to school, but Dad does the regular drop offs in the morning. One benefit of him going in late but coming home late schedule.

Darby our kindergartener! Spiffy duds on!

Glad its Friday and they only had to go two days this week, so its not a total shock to be back in school. Baylie, Paisley and I need to figure out our own schedule during the day.

Darby talking to the other girls in class before school starts.

I'm so glad summer is over! Now lets get on a schedule already.


Lindsey said...

CUTE first day picts!!! They look so old and Darby looks so ready for kindergarden. Love the new clothes and shoes!!

Nancy Jo said...

Love the school pictures! They are adorable! So glad they thought it was 'awesome'. Must have been a pretty good day.

b said...

Thanks so much for the photos. Good looking kids