Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Family

Today I am reminded how precious and fragile family life is.

Just capturing some moments from ours. Here's Darby going to school. Brown hair, brown eyes, brown shirt, brown pants. Lots of shimmery ice shadow and lipstick.

Paisley and Dad at back to school nite.

The awesome wardrobe choices of Baylie with a 'natural' hairdo.

I've always wanted to make one of these and yesterday I actually did. Even better it was with found items already in my house (which says what a large craft stash I must have). I am always drawn to these colors over and over again.

Now I just have to figure out how to hang it. Its pretty heavy.

Even better with all the pictures in it.

Introducing the first grade bug report. Can you guess which bug is Luke's?

If you guessed the stick bug you would be correct. While perfectly constructed the week before, while getting out of the car to go to school he broke a leg so told the class it was a dead stick bug. He refused to take the branch to show how its camouflaged, but we can check bug report off our list.

When is summer already?


brandon said...

i guessed right, woohoo. darby is so beatiful, baylie looks fun, i think her and brenna would/will be good friends, maybe court/allison.

Lindsey said...

Beautiful picture board!! I am always impressed with your crafts! And it is soo cute! Way to go on the bug report! Darby looks like she is ready for Kindergarten!

Beth said...

i love the photo board, too. and the girls room looks great. your kids are adorable. you're right.... it's important to remember how fleeting this all is.

Nancy Jo said...

Darling kids! Darby looks sooo old. I guessed the stick bug. Funny about the leg and being dead. Love the picture board!

brandon said...

so cute, what a fun family.