Thursday, June 10, 2010


Mood: Much improved

Sleep: Needed

House: Still messy

Laundry: Almost done

Fun factor: nine

Craziness factor: ten plus

Treats eaten: a million and one

Cute baby who swam in pool: one

Cell phone: Dead. Drowned in pool by being thrown in by three year old

Days left of school: One....halleluah!!!!!!

Can't wait til summer


Nancy Jo said...

so sad about your phone. did u put it in the oven to fix?

brenda said...

put the phone in a bowl of rice!!! The rice will soak up the moisture and it will work in 24 hours... (mine went into the toilet compliments of 12 month old...)

Lindsey said...

awesome phone tips. Hope it works. Glad you are having fun factor 9!