Friday, June 11, 2010

The Girls

Hello Paisley, How are you there?

Will you please get back on your schedule?

Oh you mean I messed it up?

Oh I'm sorry.

Well tell the school not to have early day that messes up your naps....

Oh today is the last day of school?

Oh good.

Look at your smile even though you are standing near the spot where three chocolate malts from Carls Jr were spilled and made the most gigantic mess ever....breathe....breathe....and then we didn't even get to drink chocolate malts.....but it was an accident....a nine dollar chocolate malt casualty......breathe slow.....

Snazzy new gymnastics outfits.

Check out those quad muscles!

Luke had fun too, although did not done snazzy outfit or else I think he would make fun of himself.

Thank you male instructor for doing that awesome flip at the end that made my boy say,

"That is why gymnastics is awesome."


Trainer Momma said...

Oh my. Your girls in their leos bring a smile to my face and many flashbacks to my gal's years of gymnastics. I love the quad muscles! How many wall sits did they have to do to get those? CUTE!

brandon said...

wow your baby is standing! and those muscles on darby must sure come from the mccoy blood.

Lindsey said...

Cutest pictures!! McCoy girls have the BEST legs!!

Claire said...

Those outfits are ADORABLE! (sorry about the malts)

Mrs. Anderson said...

Oh how I miss the days of nice quads! Cute :)

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

If I could get my hands on Darby I could make an Olympian out of her. Look at those muscles!!!

Kim said...

Just found your blog. Love the pictures and stories! What a beautiful bunch of kiddos you have! I miss my crazy fun friend!