Monday, May 3, 2010

Cori's House

What you consider fun sure changes as you get older.

Because I love to see other people's houses....okay, sometimes I hate it because I get jealous but mostly I choose to not compare. I love my old rickety place....its got character ;) Some of my favorite houses to browse at our my sister in laws. They have great tastes...and I know some of my friends blog stalked Cori's before it was private. Everything she does is cool. Seriously she has an eye. Pottery Barn should hire her.

So one bonus of going to her house is to rip off all her ideas. How cute is this? A few years ago her feel in the home was all about color, but she changed it. See how calm it feels?

The best part of is she is one of those gals who is like, oh yeah, saw that on the side of the road, repainted it, Voila! (Or however that is spelled) Seriously, maybe one day I will do that. My house needs a Cori consult.

Click on all the pictures to enlarge them. See those cans numbered 1 to for each kiddo. So 5 and 7 are their families lucky numbered. I love the idea of family lucky numbers.

P.S. Elder Cook was great. Very good Sunday. I need Sundays. They are my recharge day.

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Tanya said...

she has a very pretty home. What did Elder Cooke talk about? I missed church yesterday b/c bryan wasn't feeling well and both boys were heading that way so we stayed in but I wish I would have just left them all here and went because I feel uncharged...