Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some days I'm just done...

Here is where I say how much I enjoy being stay at home mom. No seriously, I love it. I don't get bored....I can do whatever I want (except for that dang school schedule). Every day is what we make of it. Its just what I wanted to do and glad Jason felt the same. Double bonus that it means I am my own boss, which works great for my personality.

BUT that doesn't mean it isn't a wee bit difficult to keep my sanity sometimes. I'm starting to realize that the more time goes by (older we get) the more wisdom is gained, and when we have finally figured everything out, we die. Awesome huh.

For me, each day is a marathon. You don't quit. Whatever happens, you don't quit. So if its 9 a.m. and everything has been spilled and ruined and you want to pull out your hair, you better figure out how to fix it because we don't quit. Which is why exercise, diet coke, tv, chocolate, dance parties, nap time, trips to Target, friends, or whatever else I can pull out of my bag of tricks (along with a prayer) to reclaim the day. Sometimes I have to do this multiple times a day.

"Its a marathon" (like I've ever done one or even know what I'm talking about, just what I've heard)

"Better figure something out to make this day work out" (cause there is no fairy godmother, as the mom, you fix it yourself)

Do I seem a bit crazy with my little mental chants? Well, if you think that sounds crazy, here is a bunch of crazy for you.

Yesterday, I WAS DONE. DONE. AND THE DAY WAS LOOOOOOONG. WHAT THE HECK WAS I GONNA DO? THE CLOCK WENT SOO SLOW.... Could not think of one single thing to do in the day and I still had time before the cavalry arrived (Bless you women without cavalry, I'm voting you straight to heaven).

And after doing this to each kid, about ten times each, we finally thought to video tape it.

My kids think this entertainment is HILARIOUS.

I just call it idea number #8247. I hope you enjoy.

p.s. in retrospect, I think I was channeling Adam Sandler.


Amber said...

You're hilarious Brooke! Always making me laugh.

Lindsey said...

Ha ha. Definitely some Adam Sandler in there. I can totally see why the kids loved it, b/c it was so funny!! Way to go ending your marathon day with a high.

Nancy Jo said...

You are a fun mom! Glad you survived your marathon day with flying colors! Woohoo!

Courtney said...

That is awesome! I always do the "Hi. My names chubby..."We sure do miss you guys. We can't wait to be closer to you guys.