Saturday, March 13, 2010

Its my Birthday, its my birthday, its my birthday

I woke up with this song in my head.

Then I sang to Paisley.

She liked it.

Today I am 31. If 30 is the new 20, then really I'm 21. I still feel like me. Wrinkly, sun spots, and baby weight, but still sorta cute. And slightly smarter than when I was 21. Oh what I didn't know then.

Most of my family is in Arizona. Just me and little Paisley Jo this weekend. My little buddy.

My house is so quiet. That is just weird. Except when I blast music in the house.

I had dark chocolate macadamia nuts for breakfast. From Hawaii. Doesn't everything sound better and more exotic if its from Hawaii?

This birthday is already great.

I talked to my sisters, my mom and my dad already. And Jason.

I decided to give my down stairs a makeover. She needed to be prettier. Turns out we spend lots of time there since she holds the tv and computer. And I've been too tired after painting to be nervous in my house without Jason. Bonus. Ikea helped me out. And Lowes. Not finished yet and its a big old mess that I need to put back together before Jason sees it.

Its good to recharge your battery.

Here's the deal. A little peace and quiet was my gift. But those kids give as much to me as I give to them. They are my jewels. My treasure. They love me no matter what (except when I'm mean). They don't care what I look like and always think I'm beautiful. They give the best hugs and say the funniest stuff. I can't wait to see what they are going to be like when they grow up. Even though I've loved this piece of heaven this weekend, I am so lucky to have those little people in my life. I love my life. Crazy and all.
I love the chaos.
To me its the sound of a house full of love...and hollering.

My husband is pretty cool himself. I really love him. And he's cute too. And pretty much just painted this room because he hinted that I couldn't do it. Equally impressed that he didn't blink to take the three on his first solo road trip. He is scared of nothing.

But, this weekend, I have had sooo much fun.

Turn it up the volume.


Amberli said...

happy birthday hot stuff! i'm glad that you are having a good weekend and i'm glad that you choose to have the free weekend like you had originally planned but almost canceled. i'm sure you can use the down time to relax, or redo your basement, which ever you prefer! i hope it's super great!!! love you!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Brooke! Can't wait to see what you've done to your downstairs. Enjoy the rest of your peaceful weekend.

Mrs. Anderson said...

HAPPY BIRthDAY Brooke - sounds heavenly. And yes, it wouldn't nearly as special if you didn't have the gang returning soon!! I am excited for your transformation - those are my favorite!!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Brooke. You are one of the coolest chicks I know. Enjoy!

embot said...

Happy Birthday!! I can't wait to eat indian food with you tonight.
i'm so hungry for it, like, right now!

Laura said...

happy birthday brooke! very impressed with jason. can't wait to tell that one to matt, make him feel guilty. and congrats on painting yourself. very impressive. hope you put up some pics of the new room

Tanya said...

you are so cute, That is fun Birthday gift and I am impressed with the painting I am still looking at the huge green splotch of paint in my bathroom daily thinking I just want it painted but it is not happening on its own, oh well someday, lol. We need to get together when your family is all back we should have a big family get together our two families equal 11 people, crazy huh? that is quite a shindig right there...

Courtney said...

I hope you have a wonderful b-day!! Wish I could be there to celebrate. xoxo

Nancy Jo said...

Woohoo it's your birthday and you're 31! Wow. Hope you have had a wonderful day! Love you tons!

Lindsey said...

Hope you had the best day !!! Miss you! Love you! Happy 31! I think it is the new 21!

burtons*north said...

happy birthday brooke.
have just hung out a couple of times, but i can tell you are a real bell ringer. {that is a compliment :)}