Sunday, March 14, 2010

My boy is 7 years old

There is nothing like your first kid.

When I had Luke, I was starting from zero. I did not have a clue what I was doing. Jason had more experience with babies since he had nieces and nephews, but when Luke was born, holy cow it was a whole new world.

Luke is very special to me for specific reasons (all my kids are special for different reasons). But in the beginning, it was just me and him. Me and him against the world. The day he was born is when I started to get a glimpse of all that my mother had done for me. And if I loved him this much, my mom must love me that much too. How much more the Savior must love me. Love was now more tangible for me after Luke was born.

A few big family jokes are that one time during testimony meeting at church, Jason spoke about how the last two years (when Luke was two) had been the greatest of his life and when he sat down I leaned over and said, "hon, we've been married 5 hon, 5 years." heheh....

There is nothing like watching your husband hold your baby. He loves our kids as much as I do.

Luke is the only baby who I could hold while he was sleeping and not have to put him down. In the nite, in the very beginning, I would forget he was a boy because I thought he was so pretty and looked like me. He probably won't like that story. But its true. He was the first kid I fell in love with. I had never been a kid person really, but he opened something in me that I didn't know was there. Seriously, now any kid could be my kid. I never thought I'd feel like that. One day I was me and after the day he was born I was forever changed. I was his mother.

Right after he was born, I remember the first few times I would go to the grocery store or run an errand without him. I remember thinking that the people who passed by me in the store just thought I was a regular girl, but they didn't not know that I was now changed. That the greatest accomplishment and joy I had ever done had just happened. It always makes me wonder who the people are when I walk past them at the store. Did they just have some amazing thing happen to them too? But then, six weeks after he was born, my body stopped working. And life was pretty hard. And I always wonder what it was like for him. If he could tell mom hurt. I think he understood. I used to carry him the weirdest way, over my shoulder. It was most comfortable and I've tried to duplicate with the girls, but can't because I don't need to and its awkward. Luke walked really young and I always wondered if it was because he knew I needed him to.

It still feels like me and him sometimes. For right now, he can understand and communicate the most. His opinion holds some weight around here. He can read his sisters books when mom is busy making a bottle. I'm so glad he still likes me to sing to him before he goes to sleep. His prayers are so sweet and sincere. He still wants a hug and a kiss. He still wants his mom. Those days might be fading. Little does he know I'm going to hug and kiss him no matter how big he gets. He will always be my bud.

Check out my good looking kid.

Happy Birthday Luke! We are so glad to be reunited. They had so much fun in Arizona.

I really missed them. Luke scored for his birthday and requested handcuffs and guns.

So watch out when you come to our house.

Since this weekend I had lots of time to ponder and how much I missed my kiddos, here is a little trip back memory lane.




And while we looking at my boy baby pictures, lets check out the others.







Awesome things about Luke when he was spotlighted at church

Color of Eyes: Hazel
Favorite food: Enchiladas
Favorite animal: wants to one day have a dog named Hammerhead
Favorite colors: Silver and Gold
What do you want to be when you grow up? A baseball player or a marine
Favorite thing to do with your family: Play in the snow or go to the beach
Favorite thing to do with friends: Play video games or make tents
Favorite scripture story: Ammon
Favorite primary song: Families can be together forever

Luke rocks. He is really loved by all his sisters and is really good with his baby sister. He might not have any brothers, but he has nine boy cousins and ten uncles who are really cool. One day he wants to visit his cousins in Hawaii. He is great at sports, especially baseball, and likes to ride his scooter. He likes to karate chop his mom and always tells her how good her food is which she loves to hear. Luke also likes legos and star wards. We are so happy he is in our family.


missmisty said...

I am glad you guys had a great birthday weekend. Wow the pics of Luke when he was a feels like I was there each time those were taken. I agree...he is awesome. Give him a birthday hug and kiss from us.

Steve and Connie said...

I felt exactly the same way just after Tori was born. Such a wonderful feeling - happy bday Luke and so glad you had a chance to reflect on things. Sometimes we all need that quiet moment to appreciate all we have. Oh, happy bday to you too!

Lindsey said...

Very cute! Time flies! I can't believe he is SEVEN!! That is almost 8! I remember holding him when he was the ONLY baby in the family. He is a great kid and has great parents.

Nancy Jo said...

Yes, I do love you like you love Luke! I just can't put it into words like you do. Loved the pictures of the kids when they were younger!xoxoxoxmom

brandon said...

your kids are so cute! i am so glad ya'll have them! woohoo! oh and looking at the pictures of darby and baylie that are right next to each other, they looked so similar at that age, aka, just like little yous.

brandon said...

sad day, i wanted to be a baseball player too. when people at school are like, did you want to be a doctor when you were a kid, i am like, heck no i wanted to be a baseball player. you should tell luke about dad going to the gulf with the marines. he probably would think that was cool

brandon said...

7 is so old

Heather said...

How Sweet! That picture of Luke by the pool looks like Brandon to me.

Courtney said...

Happy birthday Luke! I can't believe he is so old! Seriously, Luke was so fun when he was a baby. I loved visiting you guys. Happy bday!

Sarah said...

so sweet! i just cried!lol We are trying to get pregnant and reading that took me back to when it was literally just Cate and I. No matter how frustrated I get month after month, I need to treasure this time that its just Cate =) thank you for that.

Amberli said...

happy birthday handsome luke!

oh brooke - you took the words right out of my mouth - seriously ditto on this whole post! about not being a kid person until you had kids, and being buddies one on one with luke before having other kids, and thinking he was so pretty he was a girl and wanting people in the grocery store to know that you're special because you're a mom - all of it! motherhood is seriously the best!!

Renee said...

Happy Birthday Luke! Can you believe we have 7 year olds!! Crazy! He's such a handsome little guy and was an adorable baby. I feel the same way. You said it best!