Thursday, March 25, 2010

Help Out Steph

Okay, so I have a friend. And while we do not see each other much, she was one of our first friends in California and will always be. Like before kids friends.

Her name is Rachel. One time I remember her calling me years ago and asking how I was doing and I just bawled my eyes out. I don't forget stuff like that. Like ever. I am loyal. She also threw one of my baby showers and has the most amazing body ever (even her mom!). Also arguably of the most stylish women I know (maybe tied with Sarah and Arlene...I'm sure I'm offending someone. Fine you are all stylish women, pat yourself on the back). But this is even more impressive given that as active temple-attending Mormons we dress modestly... which can be tricky to constantly battle the frump. Oh yeah, and she has an actor husband who we love to watch on TV.

Sometimes I give too much background. But don't you love background? I do.

Well, she has a sister. Who is super smart. Sorry we all know you are. Anywhoo....she is doing a thesis and you needs blog followers and to do a short survey. So add her to her list already. Because wouldn't it be more fun if she had a wide selection and not just a certain type (I'm talking to you Bama folks, come on do it!).

The most interesting thing is that most of you won't have anything in common with Steph. I don't really, except that now she is a mom with a gorgeous baby which I happen to be too. First of all, she speaks multiple languages, is from Canada, currently living (Where are you living?) out of the country but not in Canada and is a Mormon democrat (Maria, you know you want to now! Ha!). We all know I am conservative, but she is not scared away and doesn't want you to either if you disagree with her. Either way she will have a totally different perspective.

Her brother then married this amazing girl we know so now its just one big happy family. Did I mention that her other brother shares a birthday with I just seem like a stalker.

Add her to your blog rolls. GO HERE

Help a sister out. She has 50 people, and needs 50 more to have research for her thesis. She promises to keep it lively. And I'm all about lively.

I'm hoping that since I just told you so much information you'll feel like you know her and feel guilty not doing it. Man, I should go pay attention to all those kids I have now. Don't know why I feel so strongly about this. Maybe because I was once a survey-finding-girl in college too.


Beth said...

all signed up.... thanks.

Crazy Lady said... are definitely tied with the stylish girls. for real

Beth said...

whattt??? no way. but thanks for tying me in there. I'll take it, but this girl needs some help. Or maybe just some $$$ to shop.

Anonymous said...

hey brooke! i got a shout out :D I've been meaning to add Steph's blog...gonna do it asap. ;)

Sarah said...

I wish I was stylish. The third kid has taken me way down hill clothes-wise and body-wise. The fact that we have no money for me to go shopping. I pretty much look like trash every day and make a mild attempt to look cool on a girl's night out.