Friday, March 26, 2010

Ahhhhh, the weekends...

Picnic on Friday. On their favorite blankets.

Bread, Cheetos, chips, pears, cucumbers, jelly beans, string cheese

"Mom, can we have more food?" It was a feast.

Went to Darby's preschool program during the day.

Loved hearing all the spring songs.

This was a good week.

Lazy afternoons. Keeping my rules of no cooking.

Made elbow macaroni with butter and salt for dinner.

Luke made it his first week without having his color changed at school for talking.


Luke and Dad had a date tonite. They went to Toys R Us since he had gotten a gift certificate to spend. He came home with the biggest toy gun I have ever seen, probably the last thing in the world I would ever let him buy, good thing his dad was with him and not me.

Paisley's toes.

Easter egg hunt tomorrow.

Date with Jason at night.

Saturday cleaning.

Playing around.

Running errands.

Mowing the lawn.

Getting ready for Sunday.

My broccoli was lame. Ten plants and only 1 1/2 crowns of produce. Lame. Instead it flowered.

Good thing I like flowers.

Guess I'm not a pro-gardener yet.


brandon said...

cute photos! that is nice jason has kid dates. that picnic looks nice. i think paisley has a touch of jason's dad in her appearance. that is the first person i have really been able to identify in her. but in a cute girly way of course (no offense to Jason's dad). she def has some of our fam and maybe jason's sisters also. thanks for photos. your baby is growing seems like.

Laura said...

i like the no dinner policy. i think we put too much un-needed stress on ourselves the stress of cooking a big fancy meal...and the kids won't even eat it anyway.

Nancy Jo said...

Wow your grass looks great! Sounds like my kind of picnic! Love Paisley's bow - she looks so cute!

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