Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Work in Progress

(yes she has a scratch on her nose)

Its 7:52 p.m. and fingers crossed everyone is in bed. Jason is at church, with basketball following.

I'm pooped. Its been a doozy of a day and really no reason why.

Awesome McCoy quotes of late

"Oh man, I HATE that guy"

Luke, referring to Kobe Bryant after seeing him on the TV
I immediately said, 'We don't say hate," but doesn't really work when your dad high fives you for saying it and says its okay to hate some people.

"So you are going to be happy today?"

Jason, shocked at my smiling face this weekend. Apparently I've been a grump.

"Your breath stinks"

Darby to me, when I am tucking her into bed with a prayer and I thought we were sharing a tender parent moment and surprisingly kept my cool at bedtime flying solo, but nope, I was just poisoning her.

I'm really excited about this wall. In an effort to tame and love my house, I am making an accessory wall in my room. Still more to go up for bracelets and more earrings, so its a work in progress.

The best part is that all my jewerly cost at the most $5 a piece (I don't know how much the Hawaii necklace cost from Lindsey, so it could be a $5 wall plus a million dollar necklace)

Do you have any friends who are bound to rule the world? I do. And I frequently wonder why they are friends with lazy slugs like me. Until it hit me. Comic relief.

They are all related actually....( I just thought of my brother in law Rob too, but this story is not about him). Anyway.

So, my friend is starting to sell jewelry. And she let me check out her loot. Oh my goodness it was so much fun. So 5 of these 14 earrings were mine before I visited her and she showed me her biz. She will be having her third trip to Hong Kong shortly and seriously, can a girl have too many earrings? I don't think so? I'll have to show you what her sister gave me when Paisley was born. Girl heaven.

In yet another attempt to remind me to take a chill pill, here is what it taped to my wall, next to all the earrings of course.

Ya, now I got to go tackle these. I'm a slave woman I tell you! Who knew what I was getting myself into! Sheesh! Better console myself with some Girl Scout Cookies.


Laura said...

where did you get that earring hangy thingy? i like it. and the earrings are cute too. man, i need some girl scout cookies. come to think of it, i ordered some. where are my dang cookies?

Renee said...

A girl can never have too many earrings!

brandon said...

baylie is your mini-me i think. that dish wash load makes me grateful for a dish-washing machine.

Lindsey said...

You made me laugh about that necklace. Ha ha. It will fit right in with your $5 wall:(. Very creative. Funny quotes from the kids. Why are yall hating on Kobe?:) Hope your kids feel better soon and that you don't get it either.