Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sick Kid

Dude I got a sick kid at home.

Which means we have been watching lots of tv. I think I might scream if I hear another kid shows. I made the girls watch some of project runway with me.

One of those wierd kid things where she gets a fever in the nite, but perfectly fine during the day, but still means you have to banish yourself from the world. Now we are too the coughing phase. Cough. Cough cough. cough. cough. cough. cough. sniff. cough. cough. cough. cough. sniff. sniff. ...cough. cough. lots of water and cough drops and still cough cough. cough. sniff sniff cough. cough.

no naps.

things could be worse. no puking.

loving those flu shots the last few years.

Sick kids are hard on kids and moms.

I think I'm going a little crazy.

I need milk.

Book club tonite.

I have the cutest new nephew.

Today I'm very very tired.

I'm kinda of obsessed about getting my gates fixed.

Still stressing about my pediatrician choices.

Need to clean my fridge.

Need to do taxes.

Did you know that if you take a girl scout cookie, spread some nutella on it, top it off with some whip cream, then you just might forget how behind you are on your list of to dos. free tip for you.

Hear Paisley crying. gotta run.


Beth said...

That sounds exactly like what Audrey has. Fever on tuesday, has never returned, but now all croup-ish. Both my kids get all croupy when they are sick. Breathing all weird and funky, and then you're like, "do I take them to the Dr? Yes, no? it's not getting any worse?". Hate it. Good luck. We are in the no fever, coughing phase now and she is the worst when she is sick as far as sleeping goes. I mean, when I'm sick all I want to do is sleep. Why do they have to cry all night about it? Just sleep and get better, it's what you need baby!! Alright... see you Saturday. Can't wait. And good luck

Nash said...

OH MY GOSH. i am on a freaking NO sugar deal right now and wanting everything with sugar. that girl scout cookie thing sounds SOOOOOOOO yummy.
hope kids feel better quick. my second daughter has had everything this year. cops even called me on it.

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Tanya said...

aawww poor thing. sick kiddos are the worst and extremely hard on moms. I hope things return to normal asap...

Jackie said...

How ironic. I didn't even come over and Blake and Kels were home today with the same thing. Kels doesn't have a fever, but Blake has been hit hard. He has a fever, non stop funny nose, coughing, but is still managing to run around the house like a crazy man. UGH! Isn't flu season over?????