Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Never said I was smart...

Instead of packing or sleeping, I spent the night sewing and now I'm posting.

Here are my fashionista girls on a helicopter pad on the roof of the sheriff's station. We were invited by one of Luke's pals to take a tour.

Now here is what you do if you want to decide you don't want your weed anymore. This is a safe drop spot for all kinds of drugs. I would like to just watch people drop it off, that seems like entertainment.

The pimpsqueak with her muzzle in.

When do you get to talk in the speaker thing in a cop car? Never.

One of my little Monkey *we are no longer talking about the sheriff's station trip

This is one of the reasons why I love this girl.

Playdate at the mall. Bunch of cool cats right there.

Chillin on the couch

Strange strange children.

Couldn't decide which picture I liked better so you get both. The one with the pink pants and red shirt that shows my mess, or the bite in front of my curtains.

So I never did tell you about the time I had 17 kids over (including mine) right after the raining week and they ended up having a big mud fight in my backyard. Probably because it was too messy to talk about and I was still pretending it didn't happen. Well, a few days later I finally decided it was time to clean up and Luke made some money.

What a mess. Miss B wanted in on the action.

I omitted the picture where they ended up in their undies but basically everything got wet and muddy in the process. And it only cost me $2.75 and Luke about an hour. Behold I have found my new strategy. Money talks.

Now I better go to sleep so I can be well rested (wink wink) for the middle of the nite feeding!


brandon said...

man, price of work goes up, i was thinking like 95 cents. but i guess 2.75 is about one gallon of gas, shoot milk is 4 bucks, i was looking at eggs yesterday, 1.75, i remember eggs being 89 cents. anyways, yeah your kids are cool. paisley lost the evans/mccoy gene battle though. but baylie whooped i think. i thought funny, luke had shirt off, baylie had shirt off. good you are getting some work out of the boy. he is cool.

tphillips said...

haha I love that Lucas made money off the mess that Ethan made!!! haha sorry about that! Also, the drug drop box is hilarious!!! I never knew they had anythign like that!!!! Too funny! Oh and I LOVE the pic of the sword in her mouth by the curtains!!! ok...that's all..

Amber said...

Don't worry, I haven't started packing either. But then again, I'm not leaving until later today so I have more time.

The mess on the sliding door is INSANE! Kind of glad I missed that day. Your poor house.

English Garden said...

packing, where are you going?!!

Lindsey said...

That is so awesome you went to the police station and priceless Baylie got to talk in the loud speaker. I am glad you did get some mud wrestling out of all that rain and mud. I would love to see picts of the actual playing in the mud. Darby is so strong! That is amazing!

Anonymous said...
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