Thursday, January 21, 2010


We love all being on this couch. The cozy couch. Its technically a big chair that we all try to fit on.

Hanging out til dad comes home.

Thats Baylie's toe.

Earlier in the day. Slobber much?

I'm torn with my love of my children dressing themselves and the eye sore its become. Darby is obsessed with being fancy and today's outfit is her interpretation of it. Hard to convince her otherwise.

Today was a funny day. Not like funny, hahah, but weird.

My kids were all excited to try the melon baller for the first time on the cantaloupe.

Rain wasn't so bad today.

Dinner was fishsticks, cucumbers and cantaloupe. I opted out of the fishsticks. Jason had totinos pizza. I don't know why I document what we eat.


Tanya said...

i love that you document what you eat because it makes me feel a little better about left over pizza, breadsticks and another nights left over spaghetti that we had for dinner was a total Reheat!!!

brandon said...

dude fishsticks sounds yum. cute photos thanks! interested to see what paisley will look like. dude, kids dressing themselves is cool. i'm sure you don't want your kids to be like these middle schoolers freaking out because their socks / shirt sleeves are too long/short.

Nancy Jo said...

Darby looks fancy to me. Darling pics of the kids. Looks like they were having fun. Paisley is a cutie pie. Miss them all!!!

Lindsey said...

very cute picts. I am glad someone is updating their blog! They all match in their pink, except Luke of course. Paisley looks like a mccoy already about to crawl!!

brandon said...

i think these set of photos are cute of your kids.