Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Club Lady

Lately I've been thinking about all the clubs I belong too. Some I wish I were not a member of, but what can you do? Others I'm glad I am not. For example, today I might be the queen of the crazy-mama-who-needs-to-try-a-little-harder-to-love-those-sweet-children-she-has-been-given-and-not-be-so-quick-to-get-mad club. Definitely the queen of that club.

I am also a member of the young-moms club,
the miscarriage club,
the always-have-a messy-house club,
the have-a-disease-club,
the wannabe-gardener club,
husband-comes-home-late club,
finally-conquered-bread club,
the healthy-kids-club,
finished-college club,
first-kid-was-my-hardest club,
the epidural-all-the-way club,
the live-away-from-family club,
got-married-young club,
have-sisters club, (a very important one if my mind, afterall, who else will help you with your challenged wardrobe, tell you look pretty and call you out?)
know-what-its-like-to-be-poor club,
got-something-to-prove club,
move-to-a-strange-city club,
the always-ready-for-a-party club,
the babysitters-are-priceless club,
the mormon-who-didn't-grow-up-around-very-many-mormons club
(and yes we are Christian if anyone is asking cause I'm-a-little sensitive-about-that club),
the byu-was-wonderful club, and yes I'm going to force/encourage my children to go there,
I-didn't-go-on-a-mission club,
the never-been-to-europe club,
nursed-my-baby club,
the formula-is-way-better-although-I'd-nurse-if-I-could club,
....are you getting me?

Some clubs suck.

Like the get-weekly-shots club, or like the husband-home-late club and the live-away-from-family club. But there could be worse clubs to be in. And I have friends who's husband are gone much longer, whose families live much farther and have much worse diseases than I do. So whatever, I'd take the clubs that I'm in. There are other clubs. Some I won't even tell you about until I find out you are in the same club too. There is something special being in the same club ...

But sometimes, when something happens to a friend or loved one, I wish to say the perfect thing, or wonder how that must feel, but I don't know. Cause I will never be in some clubs and just haven't gotten in others. Like the the infertility club, lost-a-child club, or the divorced or deceased parents club, or the husband-out-of-work-for-too-long club. Those clubs suck harder. But sometimes when I'm on the phone or thinking of someone I sure wish I knew what they were going through. Maybe not really want to know what they are going through because it sounds like no fun, but wish I could help. Like the adoption club. Or the life-is-hard club.

I always feel I should apologize when the mood is low on my whimsical little blog I have here, but lots of things have been weighing on my mind. And more than the idea of going to Haiti and adopting a brother for Luke.

My dad told me a quote once, I think in college, but can't remember. It was, "It can always get worse." Which at the time I thought was extremely pessimistic and not like him. After all, he was the one who always told me to stop and smell the roses. But the older I get and more I think about it, its pretty optimistic. Be grateful for what you got. Cause it can always get worse. So though I might seriously weigh a thousand pounds soon after thinking about the problems of the world and eating cookies for all of them, it could always be worse. Hows that for a ray of sunshine? Fun and whimsy to follow soon, I promise.


Maria said...

You're also part of the great-role-model-to-new-moms club because that's what you were/are to me :)

Hillary said...

My dad would always say, "What's the worst that could happen?" Too bad he didn't count on my powerful imagination. Luckily, I've now realized that the-worst-that-could-happen rarely does. Bad things, sometimes, but rarely the worst.

I'm glad I'm in some of your clubs :)

brandon said...

eh luke will be alright, as an only boy i have met more than a few mormon only boys, and most of them have at least a few sisters, and they seem to be pretty normal to me. just a thought.

Amberli said...

i love this post. makes me think of the clubs i belong to. isn't it interesting how even when things are tough in our lives we'd almost always take our own struggles over someone else's? i don't think this is a pessimistic post - i like the optimism, it's reality.

Nash said...

i love your posts.
i can relate to so many, some i never thought i'd be in like the miscarriage club. been thinking about that one lately.
i have just one boy and wish he had a brother too.
i look up to you and haven't even met you, so there's a compliment for you. i think you are GREAT!

and don't get me started on the weight thing. UGH! i can hardly be friends with really fit people. it is tough for me.

Laura said...

this was a great post. i counted, and we share 15 clubs in common.

Steve and Connie said...

i belong to some clubs too. i might even belong to some of the worse clubs, but that is ok. it is what makes me who i am. your blog isnt too depressing. read mine if you want depressing. last nights post: example of why you dont post at midnight.

Beth said...

I love this post Brooke!

cori said...

loved reading this....your are so fun! i am a member of the i love brooke club for sure!

can't wait to see you club!

your so cute club!

you have the key-utest kids club!

your so great club!

Renee said...

Love this post! Didn't count but I think I am in most of them. Miss you friend!

Allie said...

my mom and I both love this post. i know exactly what you are talking about. It is so hard to help when you have no idea what some one is going through but there are lots of areas where you are expert and I guess that is when we are most effective.

Allie said...

allie, is tanya's mom

Mrs. Anderson said...

Great post!!!

The Livingston Place said...

You so totally rock, Brooke! I laughed and laughed at your cute entry. I love the way you think and that you can put it down so well in words.

I think you're in the totally-fun-and-down-to-earth club.