Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Jason!

Jason opening his loot

Posing with dad (minus the grumpy one missing)

Happy Birthday Jason! Wahoo!

Today we are going to party it up just the two of us. Seriously I can't believe it. I hope my nerves can handle me being away from my baby with a new babysitter. We are off to lunch and a matinee and then come home in time to feed the kids, put them to bed and then another baby sitter arrives. I hope we all make it :) Either way it will be an adventurous birthday. Who knows where we are going, it will just be a novelty to be alone!

Check out Darby at her gymnastics class yesterday. They also were on the trampoline and have this awesome foam pit you can jump into at the end of the balance beam (with a zip line too). Jason went solo since he is off for the week and was able to get some video. Her friend Ashlynn is on the right. Pretty awesome class, makes me wish I could take it!

Darby on the wall at 4 1/2


Lindsey said...

Have fun on your dates!! That class looks the most awesome EVER!! How neat! Happy Birthday to Jason!!

Amber said...

Wow! Two dates in one day. That's awesome. Hope you had fun!

Tanya said...

I love the pic of Jason with all of the kids all over him. that is so fun. Happy Birthday Jason!!

brandon said...

i really liked the top photo

brandon said...

wow darby is spiderwoman.