Monday, November 16, 2009

Lots of stories to tell


Wahoo she is 5. Miss you in Hawaii! Love you! Luke and Darby drew you a picture today!

This picture was a year ago and we miss her tons. Dallas is a crack up and so pretty. The girl is smart and I swear could recite the pledge of allegiance at three.

And Saturday Sadie turned 1! I ran across this picture today and can't believe how much she has changed! And now she is blonde! We miss all of you. Kisses to Brenna too!

Now, for the return to the regular blog posts. Did you know on your blog you can write whatever the heck you want to and nobody else has to read it if they don't want to so you can shout out your nieces on their birthday and stuff. Just in case you were wondering.

Okay, so we are starting with the bad tonite. My dead Amish bread.

Oh this would be the second time in two weeks someone gave me an Amish Bread starter that I neglected and forgot about and later was chucked in the trash. Crazy thing is I even volunteered for it cause I made some in college and they were so yummy. That is totally me, volunteering and then having to throw it away and feel crappy about it. So maybe nobody should give me anymore because even though I have the best of intentions, I can't remember what days to smoosh and what days to add cups of whatever and then remember what day it had to bake (and then needing vanilla pudding! What !). Its just too much for my small brain. If there happens to be Amish Bread Killer Karma I'm totally getting it. Too bad too because now I have 1) Guilt and 2) that stuff is really good and I would've probably eaten the whole thing so maybe now its good I didn't make the dang stuff. So sorry people, I screwed up the chain, I also suck at chain letters or chain emails so don't send any my way either.

Okay, so now thats done, on to the next.

Can you tell what is in this bowl?

Well if you look really close, its a REALLY MEAN PARTY FAVOR!

Okay, so maybe not that mean, but boy my kids will be crying when these fish go belly up. After all, they already have names and we have to look at the nasty cloudy water while chomping on cereal every morning (the cloudiness is from Miss B putting chips in there). The countdown is on. How long will our first pets live? There names are Leo (Baylies) , Rex (luke's) , Otto ( name that book) and Lighting (that one is Darby's).

Shout out to my reader Bryan! Word up.

Also, these cute boys were too of my best singers in Encino Primary. (The boy on the left is Jack) They are big hams if you can't tell. They are also fellow beach campers. Seriously funny kids and I love their families. If you know their families I know you are nodding your head in agreement.

And yes they are in my tree.

Paisley showing off her outfit. And did I say how much she loves this swing? And how much I love that she loves this swing? She was totally laughing at the toy thingies above her today. Just dandy and helps my life quite a bit.

So we went to a party on Saturday, which was so super cute that I vowed to rip off all the ideas and tell them to my sisters. It was a Carnival theme so the mom passed out tickets and each booth were three tickets. I love it when a party can accommodate lots of age groups and can be coed...that is a real trick (my daughters princess parties not so much). The best booth was the dad dressed as a clown and the kids threw whip cream pies at him. There was a fortune teller (who gave out fortune cookies and looked in her snow globe), face painting, water balloon toss to a chalk target on the wall, and throw the ball in the cups and get a fish...hence our favor (which I actually really like, but do think its funny cause now I'm responsible for four little fishies now too!). So many other games and cute stuff, it was fully loaded.

Paisley is cute even in the garage. too memorized by the camera to smile at her mom.


Tanya said...

oh oh, pick me I know the book...i "get" to read it nearly every single night to kev..."i always say don't but you boys always do..." cute stories. you are so funny with your bread story.

Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pictures - especially the ones of Paisley - she is getting so big! What a fun birthday party - so creative. You killing the bread mix, sounds like me : )

brandon said...

cuuuuute pictures of paisley. oh yesterday i had this great idea that i told lindz, but forgot to tell you. you should tell the kids that you want to set the fishes free to their natural habitat so that they can visit their families, free willie style, and then go and dump them into a local pool of water if they have one near you that is not the ocean, like a park with a pond or something. that is if you are wanting to get rid of them. cute photos, i can't believe someone would go through all that for a bday party.

Beth said...

Fish for a party favor is a little too much for me. Cute idea, but then the responsibility for the family, if they really didn't want it. Besides that, that party idea is awesome. You can't go wrong with face painting and carnival games.

Lindsey said...

Thanks for the cousin shoutout!! They miss you and so do I. Soo cute picts of the kids. Sounds like the best party ever.

Sarah said...

If those are gold fish I give them 5 days lol We bought cate six gold fish and an algae eater for a 10 gallon tank. they all died but one. Once we researched on the internet, it is suggested to only have 1 goldfish per 10 gallons. good luck! I ended up buying a dog. lol And Cate claims its her "best friend" lol