Friday, October 16, 2009

So isn't she cute? I'm really glad she is in our family. Paisley definitely gets to stay.

So here is my confession....

The day after my "cookies or die" post, I decided to join the gym.

Its all about balance right?

Also, I found my debit card that I lost, a few days after I canceled it and ordered a new one which will be here in ten days....very hard not having a debit card for ten days.

Guess where I found it? In my purse where its supposed to be. It jumped in there because I know it wasn't before. Dang that brain of mine!

Balance is a good thing that I'm always struggling to achieve.

Sometimes I wonder about balance on my blog.

Do I portray our family accurately?

Should I show more of the good?

Should I show more of the normal (do we have normal?). More of when I'm not doing embarrassing things like 'losing' debit cards in my purse.

Just thinking.

This is our standard picture spot, laying on the cozy ottoman. It double as the changing table.

Yes he is holding his sister with one hand and a hot dog in the other. And watching a show with his eyes


mist said...

I love the hot dog pic...especially because I was partially the cause for Luke holding Paisley. Dang that mud room.

Courtney said...

The first picture of Paisley is so adorable. Oh my goodness. I think I could steal her for a few weeks. I also love the hot dog shot too. Luke is already such a great multitasker.

Nancy Jo said...

Paisley has really grown! I still think she favors Luke. It looks like she is 'eyeing' that hotdog! She is a fabulous addition to your family.

Steve and Connie said...

Miss Paisley looks adorable. She will fit in just great with the rest of your brood.

Lindsey said...

Paisley is soo pretty. And all the kids look so so cute! I love Paisley's little Brown outfit. It is so cute. Miss you all soo much!

Tanya said...

I love Paisley's outfit (the brown one, soooo cute) the pic of luke and paisley is so cute, what a good big brother!!