Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cookies can heal the world.

I think Paisley deserves an award.

It is quite an accomplishment to cry the entire way to the doctor's office, and because of the rain and LA people's inability to drive in it (we never have rain, everyone is in shock), that car ride lasted over an hour. Oh and I was super late to my appointment.

Crying for over an hour is really good exercise for her I'm thinking. My mother in law told me when I had Luke that babies need to 'exercise' every day. But today's car ride was also good exercise in me keeping my cool in tense situations. Hooray for me.

No, she didn't stop during the doctor's office either, or when the nurse was helping hold her or when I was picking up Darby from preschool, but now ...after lots of exercise, she is finally asleep.

While you're baby is crying on the freeway for an hour and its raining and you are driving the speed of a snail, your mind has to wander a bit to maintain sanity. Start re-thinking your decision to keep your pediatrician even though you really like him, because what happens if your kids have ear aches at 5 p.m in the rain and SIG alerts...then it might take you 2 hours to get there....all with a crying baby. Because I didn't even attempt to sing to her or anything, just turned up the music and turned her out. Our music of choice was Signing Time for Baylie and a mixed CD full of Evans hits (You can call me AL by Paul Simon anyone?).

So what I've been thinking is, that cookies may solve everything. Because I sure feel much better after coming home and eating two cookies as fast as I could shove them in my mouth. Who cares if I'm no where near my pre-pregnancy weight, just give me those cookies!
And I want you to feel better too. So I'm sharing the recipe.

Warning, this is the best chocolate cookie recipe you will ever make. It is a crowd pleaser. If you have issues, call me. Garlan, here's your chance at redemption (and don't add milk this time, it does not call for milk!) . This recipe comes from our BYU days. Jason's best friend Aaron Simpson has an amazing wife Amy Hess Simpson, whose aunt and mother invented it. Like I ate at her house and had one of these cookies for her dessert and I immediately was plotting how I could have another one. Make them a 1/4 cup at least and refrigerate some of the dough so I can always have some on hand to make to bring someone (like my doctor today) or to eat by the spoonful if the day isn't going so hot. Seriously, these cookies will solve any problem...especially anyone recovering from an hour drive with a crying baby. Just make sure you wear some stretchy pants.

Hess Cookies, adapted by Brooke

1 lb. room temperature butter (yep, you read that right...and Garlan 1 lb means 4 sticks of butter)
1 1/2 cup sugar
2 cup dark brown sugar (go to the store and get some...although sometimes I'll do half dark, half light if I'm running low)
3 eggs (one day I'm getting these from my own chickens mark my words!)
2 tsp. vanilla (did you know you could use the vanilla lid as 1 tsp? Misty taught me that)
7 cups regular white flour
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
4 cups milk chocolate chips (you can add more if needs it...sometimes I do half milk chocolate, half semi-sweet, but if you have milk chocolate, stick with all milk chocolate)

Beat with mixer first 5 ingredients until light and fluffy, for 5 minutes at least. Continue to beat in flour, salt and soda. Mixture will be stiff. Like break your arm stiff. Stir in chocolate chips. Cover metal cookie sheets with wax paper. Using very large scoop or spoon, place cokies on paper and gently flatten. (or grab a huge hunk of dough with your hands, smoosh in ball and flat a little is what I do) Bake in preheated oven at 350 for 12 -13 minutes or until slightly brown. Do not reuse wax paper. Hurry and start thinking of people to bring them to so that you do not eat all of the dough and cookies by yourself.

The trick here is the flour...I kinda wing it...sometimes its 7 cups, sometimes 8...basically the dough should not be sticky at all, and so thick your beater has trouble mixing it. Mix it on low though you can do it. Impress all your friends and family today. Make the dang things and say a silent prayer thanking the world for Amy Hess Simpson and her genius family of cookie makers.

By the way, don't feel too bad for me about the crying car ride, cause last nite little Paisley slept from 9:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m....not bad for six weeks old, huh?


Nancy Jo said...

Yummmmm! I think I will go bake some cookies!

Laura said...

cookies do solve problems, i agree. i will definitely try that recipe. we make a lot of cookies over here. congrats on keeping your cool in the car. nothing like a crying baby to drive you insane. and my advice, get a pediatrician as close to you as you can. because i had one too far away from me for too long and then you have to deal with those internal battles he really that it worth the drive...should i wait another day to see if he gets better. i am sure santa clarita has some great peds.

Maria said...

thanks, I could definitely use a cookie today.

Heather said...

All of your yummy treats have loads of butter in them. When you mentioned that chocolate sheet cake by Paula Deen, I looked up the recipe and it's full of butter too. Definitely would have to make those when I can take them to someone. Can't afford to eat that much butter all by myself. That's one bad thing about living alone. There's no one here to eat yummy treats but me.

Lindsey said...

I would bake those right now if I didn't just burn a dozen sugar cookies because I completely forgot about them in the oven and went to take a shower while Sadie was sleeping!! I had to open the windows to air out all the smoke.
Sounds so yummy and find a pediatrician close today!! That car drive sounded absolutely awful. I am having flashbacks. But you are way too nice to bring him cookies! Did you really? You are always so thoughtful!

Steve and Connie said...

It rains in LA 5 days a year. On those days, stay home and treat them like it is a hurricane. LA is not equipped for any weather. Sheesh.
*I must brag - Tori has been sleeping through the night for awhile and did a seamless transition to the crib! Check out the blog for the Paisly/Tori pics.

The Ringmaster said...

Jon is on a diet . . . . that means more cookies for me. You are a trooper and genius to get Miss Paisley to sleep through the night at six weeks!
PS We miss you in Primary!

THE VEA DUO said...

that sounds like a whole lot of cookies! chris has been wanting to learn to really bakes (compared to pre-bought stuff) I'll have to share that with him.

Beth said...

I still remember the worst car ride I ever had, and it was coming back from Newport Beach in rush hour traffic. Tyler cried almost the entire way home b/c I couldn't get enough momentum to help him fall asleep (like the bouncing from the road). Ugh. It was the worst. Glad you ate some cookies.

kseal said...

So I know it's been eons since you posted this, but I just Googled Amy and found your post. Amy was my VTer in our singles ward when she and Aaron were engaged. She brought these to me when I had a hard day once, and I've never been the same. They are my favorite choc. chip cookie and I want to track down Amy every time I make them. My kids have a testimony of VTing...which really means they have a testimony of Amy Hess because she knew how to treat a person right. I sure love that girl! ;-) Are you still in contact with her?