Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So I have about two seconds to write this

Did I mention that I really hate when my blog is not updated? Its one of my pet peeves.

But I have no pictures to show and nothing really on my mind..well actually lots, but nothing to write in the two seconds I have at the moment. Paisley is strapped to me as I type this by one of those wrap-y deal thingies and I love them. That way I can have my hands. But I just have to move and pat periodically to keep her still for a bit. Okay, wait, she is moving, the time is fleeting, better get to the point.

So, was that the best General Conference or what? Seriously I think my favorite ever. And let me tell you it took great effort to watch it because somehow I watched very little at the times there were on, but fortunately was able to catch up between the hours of 2 a.m and 4 a.m. when I was up with my Miss Paisley.

If I didn't have a squirming baby who was on the verge or crying I would quote awesome things from my favorite talks, but she is starting to cry so I REALLY GOT TO GO NOW SO HERE IS JUST A BLURB.

- loved the analogy of the heart transplant.

- we think Elder Cook looks like Grandpa McCoy...

- loved the 'ity' talk

- Elder Holland is my favorite apostle...its a close race, but everyone should have a favorite dont' you think?

- Seriously wasn't that the best ever

Oh yeah, (now full crying happening that I am ignoring for the moment) and we survived the Jason-less weekend. So glad he went. The casulities of the weekend being the jar of Nutella that is half gone that I consumed by the spoonfuls, no healthy eating, random meals like 'go grab some sandwich meat and some bread kids' and the dishes staying dirty in the sink, no bath for Paisley (although I did wash her hair cause I'm all about the hair and preventing cradle cap) and Luke gave Darby a bloody nose...but then she pulled his hair and smashed Baylie. All and all though quite successful.

Plus I had two surprise visits from good friends who live far away that were so great to see. (okay now its just rude that i'm ignoring a crying baby but)

SERIOUSLY the best conference ever.

But what is so amazing to me is how when you are watching conference you think they are talking just to you and you become acutely aware of all your short comings but at the same time leave with the excitement that you can do better...be better...be the person Jesus would have you be and turn your life more to Him. Really is amazing how that works. While you are watching the holy ghost (Darby is talking to Paisley now while she cries) lets you know what things you need to improve and work on and you feel like with the Lord's help you could actually do it.

And boy is that Nutella good stuff. Why did nobody tell me (Beth I think you did)...I wonder if I can live off it?

Last thing is that Luke is learning so much in school. All about matter. He said, "Ask me what matter is" And then spurtered off on a tangent about matter (Liquid, gas and solids) "Ask me what solids are?" "What are solids?" "That, and that...this cup...this fork, that over there (as he is pointing to things on the table". What a fun age we are entering in....


Nancy Jo said...

You make me smile. Loved conference too. Holland is my favorite. Now I think I will go and buy a jar of Nutella....

Heather said...

Nutella on a warm toasted english muffin is my favorite.

One of my favorite conference stories was the one about being on a mission in Finland and praying for the city across the border in Russia and 30 years later his son served a mission in that city.

The Livingston Place said...

Conference was awesome. And can I just say you CRACK ME UP!!!! You write JUST like you talk!!!! I could see you in everything you said it was so cute and made me smile! Makes a gal wanna walk right across the street and give you a hug!!! Love you, girl!

Sara Jane said...

Conference was good...and I agree Nutella is the best. I didn't realize you didn't know about it. We get it on rare occasions because it disappears so quickly. Wendy keeps it stocked in her house though, so we always get out the Nutella and graham crackers at their house when we visit.

Nash said...

costco has the large tubs of nutella, two per package.
good on graham crackers....and especially crepes. learned about that in provo when European Connection was around. YUM. wish i could have some now.

Manda Mae said...

you are a great blogger! and i can totally relate on the neglecting children who are screaming your name while typing quickly to get all you wanted in.... glad i'm not the only one!!

p.s. yes i agree conference was WONDERFUL!! I always leave saying it was the best ever!!