Thursday, September 17, 2009

What the heck we've been doing

So I've been hibernating lately. Like I usually don't know what the weather's like cause I don't step outside and stay in the air conditioning which is usually about 73 degrees here.

Just enjoying having both my parents here and tons and tons of help. Not worrying about losing baby weight. Not worrying about being dressed with makeup by 7:30 like I usually am. Not worrying about my kids so much cause I know Nana is with them watching a show :) Like my dad has picked up Luke from school everyday and lots of people to help rock and burp Paisley. Spoiled rotten I know. Sick. Just sick spoiled really. Sorry sisters I am stealing them from you. Glad they are coming to visit Lindsey for Thanksgiving to ease my parent hogging guilt. Glad Courtney usually monopolizes them. (Okay, well at least is closest to them) I'm just getting the major helpout now. Maybe they are really worried about my stability and sanity? Hmmm..... better not ask.

My dad came out for his birthday and I've convinced now we could all live together forever and it would just be dandy. Unfortunately real life will start soon, but its been wonderful while its lasted. My mom even has been making Jason lunches...sick I know....just hate me. We are so spoiled rotten its sick.

Luke has been sporting this new pirate getup he got from his Nana.

Jason is sporting new glasses.

What do you think? Pretty stylish I must say. Where is the boy with the white acid washed ripped all the way his leg jeans and flannel plaid shirt who never did his hair that I married? He has been replaced by an 30s, sleek haired, hipster who works in Hollywood I guess.

Nana gave him this idea.

Grandpa is a good holder. He has very very warm hands.

We taught both of them how to play Settlers of Catan while they were here. Dang Jason won both games. That stinking Jason is always winning the games no matter how much I plot against him. I might need to whoop it up on Milesborne to teach him his place. Can I get a holla' for all those who play Settlers? Nothing like clean Mormon fun eh?

Grandpa is really good at this too.

I REALLY don't want to show you this picture.

Cause we took about ten of these just my new little family of six and all I can think is why did my mom not tell me to sit up straight for heavens sake and I want to photoshop my short chubby legs, but whatever.

The reason I ended up POSTING this picture is cause its just too dang hilarious. The hilarious part being that when my dad told us all to make silly faces, my mom and I are TWINS! Now if that isn't a sign I don't know what is. I am her mini-me, what can I say. Fortunately she is a good one to be. But scary! For real!

By the way, Miss Paisley was 7 lbs 11 oz at her two week appointment.


embot said...

You deserve to be pampered! Real life is kind of hard so take FULL advantage. Love all the pics. Paisley is just perfect. It'll be fun to see you guys when all our sickies are gone.

Lindsey said...

I am cracking up at that last picture. And that picture of Luke. Ouchy to his nose!! You and Mom are twinners.
But cute pictures of Paisley. She totally looks older too! And I like Jason's glasses. Stylin.
Glad Mom and Dad are there. You are not hogging them. Not every day you have a new baby!!

Lindsey said...

ps. I just got what that was with Baylie! She totally has her dolly in a wrap. So sweet!

Tanya said...

so cute, I am glad you are getting spoiled rotten you do deserve it. That pic of your family is so cute. I btw we are up anytime for millesborne, I love that game!! I haven't tried settlers of Catan yet..

Amber said...

Darby looks like she'll be doing the same face soon :)

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

The funny thing is that I remember that being your mom's funny face. I think she made it a lot in Young Women or something. Somehow, it's familiar.

brandon said...

i will give a holler for a millesborne name drop, holla, whoot whoot.

brooke you and me should team it up sometime, i used to co-monopolize that game.

brandon said...

oh and liked the unmentioned bailey photo

Darek said...

Luke in the last pic cracks me he's saying "EEEEESH!" oh and cool glasses J.

gina said...

Great look for Jason and Luke (especially the nose ring!) LOVE that you are getting SPOILED, yea for Mom's after you have a baby lifesavers aren't they! AND I Love the goofy picture! ... we used to be totally hooked on settlers I think that was before babies, back when we could stay up super late with friends playing and not have to get up with our kids super early...remember what that was like???