Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Bee Game...Bring It

This is Baylie trying to strip the medal off Luke's shirt.

This is Luke celebrating his win on the Bee Game....also known as Nectar Collector...go buy it.

I don't know where he gets it from. This is what happens when you mix a smack talking McCoy with a confident Evans.

No that's not my hand holding Paisley, not quite that hairy yet....

Look at those cute little soft feet. They are super super soft.

This is Paisley modeling her onesie from her Aunt Pam that says "I am worth the wait, don't you think." She really was. I forgot sometimes. All that uncomfortableness and weight gain...not being able to take proper medicine or that year of sort of healthy eating (more like feeling guilty for all the cookies and lack of salads) and reduced caffeine...all worth smelling this cute little head. Basically that year of my life that my body was not my own. More stretch marks, saggy body parts. Totally worth it. I'm really not kidding. Worth all the rocking and waking up in the night. Worth it. Especially worth seeing her brother adore her. He thinks he is her other dad.

Really worth it...even though wave to me when you seeing me on the street running cause this butt has got a lot of moving to do...just not today. or tomorrow. or the next day. Catch me in another month maybe. Maybe.

My mom and I went to Kohls for about twenty minutes. Thats how long my girls will last. (but we did find a shirt for my mom, score).

Here's them trying on clothes too. After we tried them on first.


Lindsey said...

Those picts of the bee game totally remind me of Brandon always whooping up on monopoly or life. Paisley is the cutest and so glad she is in the family! Can't wait to snuggle that cutie and kiss those soft feet!!

Maria said...

Your girls are the funniest kids I know :-)

Tanya said...

way to go Luke. if you can't relish in your victories what can you relish in right????

Becky said...

Looks so fun!

Lindsey said...

ps. Love that movie on the right! I totally teared up.