Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Summer

This is us in swim lessons. Me too cause Baylie and I are in a mommy and me. Which has been so fun cause I don't get (never) to do mommy and me classes. Darby is rocking it, that girl is a fish. But cross your fingers for Luke tomorrow because he is getting switched after three days with his sister to the big huge Michael Phelps looking pool since he is more advanced. He was okay with it after seeing he would still have a boy teacher. Seriously keep them crossed.

I went to the cutest Dr. Suess baby shower last Saturday and still wish I had some of this cake. They had even spray painted some bushes crazy colors and painted the walkway white and red...that is some hard core baby shower dedication. Of course we ate some red fish.

Want some green eggs and ham? I love baked french toast by the way.

We officially love Santa is my Shangri - la.

Costco and super walmart are down the street, and there are families everywhere! Lots of them bigger than mine. I resisted this area for so long, but it has made me officially love California. I have no more beef. We have nice, friendly neighbors. Jason's commute is the same and both us feel like we need to get pinched. Maybe if we ever get grass you'll really have to pinch my enormous tushy. Seriously so many cute ladies with kids I am in heaven. I just want to walk up to them all and say, "Okay, wil you be my friend?" Cause I could be friends with them all. Maybe I will.

Holy cow I went to Relief Society on Sunday (for the first and probably last time --substituting in Primary for the next two weeks before they probably grab me there-- time in many years). Remember that is the Sunday school part of us Mormon's three hour Sunday service where it is just women. Just women studying the gospel, my favorite part. It was heaven. So many classy ladies, I'm sure I will stalk them all. Here is what I learned....I was the poor deprived primary girl scribbling every tidbit on scratches of paper in her purse.

"The Lord shapes the back to bear the burdens placed upon it." President Monson

The lesson was on how to be your best self, from a talk by President Monson. The talk was from a priesthood session of conference (can't remember which one).

His main points were to 1- read the scriptures, 2 - pray fervently, and 3 - live righteously.

But this cute gal said something that really stuck with me.
She said, if you stop doing one, they all stop.
So true. I can see that in my own life definitely. Those three things are easy answers we have been spouting in Sunday classes our whole life. But just because they are 'easy' doesn't mean they aren't true. The teacher also had an interesting idea that our prayers don't have to be super long to be fervent. Just sincere. Here's to actually getting up when my alarm goes off to read scriptures before my kids wake up. Here's to going to bed a little earlier and being more patient in Costco even though 'they' keep bugging each other and screaming (but then they all helped lug all the stuff in the house, even Baylie so we are okay). Here's to being a better self this week....or to wishing.


christy said...

so glad you are in love with your new neighborhood!

Jon and Stacey said...

I am glad you like your new home...but we miss you already! Relief Society, what's that like? Enjoy it while you can:) Take care, hope to see you before too long!

Sarah said...

You're making me want to move next door to you! It sounds incredible. And after having been in primary so long myself, you also made me miss Sunday School and RS. I enjoyed your notes. I feel very deprived, so keep the notes coming. I hope they don't stick you in primary! I try not to put anyone with young kids in nursery or primary. I think church can be the only break they get!

Crazy Lady said...

no way, i love primary. they put us in there cause we are good at it .

relief society is just the spoiled life :)

Nathan and Emily said...

Oh Brooke I miss you so much! It was wonderful seeing you Saturday! When do we get to invite ourselves up!? Enjoy your calling less existence!

charlotte and clarke said...

Great council to follow. It sounds like Santa Clarita trumps Encino. I am glad you guys are so happy.

brandon said...

that picture was too cute. big fam

Maria said...

and see I wish I was in Nursery or Primary because then I wouldn't spend 2 hours in the foyer when Emma is fussy. Glad you like your new area!

Lindsey said...

Hey, Wow! That is so neat the kids are doing so great in swim lessons. I am so glad you love santa clarita. And thanks for the notes. Traveling has totally thrown me off and I need to get back to the basics. xoxo