Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July weekend

Can you guess who was here?

Here are your hints. Two days ago, this spot was bare. Well, that is a lie, it was full of boxes, a big mess, and my other cabinets were overstuffed. But look at it now. Soon to be covered by doors.

Now this is an easy one. Have you seen such pretty hair? The top part is actually a heart which I got stopped at church about.... of course is wasn't me who did this.

Now look at this hair. I love it. Even better to make her look so cute and sweet while she is running away from me and telling everyone 'Your mean!"...we are working on that part.

Here's how it began....at about 10 p.m. on the fourth of July. Which I am supposed to tell you we did not finish on Sunday...at all... or just a little bit. Ox in the mire I swear...have you heard that one?

The Kirby family was here! Because we missed them and invited them to come. And since they have Disneyland passes they are quick to agree. But the beach was a little windy for me. But burned me good...and Trent's legs.

The kids played great together all weekend. Baylie keeps asking me where did Preslie and Kennadi go? I think Misty is my long lost sister. I've known her a long time, she knows way too much about me, and she is a tough cookie. She is president to a 100+ kid Primary! Crazy.

Hope your fourth was really relaxing. Our was when we weren't working and playing so hard. Sure feel like lazy bums in how much they can accomplish in a few days. Maybe they need to invent an energy drink... Or we need to hang out more and let it rub off.

Friday Jason was off and we tried out this place down the street. The rec center here where the kids take swim classes. Super fun $10 for the family. What a deal. Luke and Owen are showing off their green bands that they had to test for to go in the big pool. They were proud of themselves, had to swim the whole length no stopping or touching the bottom. So that they could go off the diving board. I'm trying to see how many people can see me in bathing suit before this baby is born. The numbers are going up. My mama taught me if you aren't self conscience nobody else will be. I'm hoping she is right.

Sunday night we had a bbq with friends we don't get to see often. Monday our new neighbors had us over for dinner. I hope the summer doesn't quiet down soon. Now to tear into some of these boxes. Anyone need any?


Heather said...

I had not heard about the Ox in the mire until Mel's house flooded. She was feeling bad about people from church coming over on Sunday to clear the wet stuff from her house, so my Dad told us about that scripture. It makes sense.

Amber said...

The girls hair looks adorable. Glad all seems to be going well.

Lindsey said...

Cute shelves and Beautiful Hair! What a great weekend. Those Kirby's are amazing!

Maria said...

Oh man I love those shelves! and that rec center is way cool. Lucky :)