Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Last Blog Post from SFV?

Meet the sleeping monster. And quicksand monster. And inventor of XOS. And wrestler of the kids. Luke was proud to beat him in horse. Everyday while Grandma was here, Luke prayed for Grandpa to come. He played basketball with Jason last night. A fun grandpa. He put up my shelves in my garage and new 'laundry room' ( in the garage...that I painted bright green). He is right now playing catch outside with my kids.

Well ya can't work all the time. So we went on a hike with our friends. Here are the adventurers (Luke is still in school til Friday).

Me and B. This is the most comfortable way to carry her.

Funny how I find this new beautiful area 3 days before I'm moving away from it. Ironic.

I sure do love my girls. And my boy too.

We found all the lost bees...they were in the hills!

I could go on and on about this woman. My wonderful mother in law. The nicest person and hardest worker. She will have clocked two weeks at my home when she is done, and this is first day we took a rest, went and ate by ourselves at Carls Jr (because of their chocolate malts) and then to Ross and Target. She has watched my girls so much and every morning they can't wait to go in her room and read books. The woman had nine children for heavens sakes!

She brought this bubble recipe and huge wands for the kids to play with. McCoy folks, we need to locate more of these for the reunion.

Luke is getting old. He switched from kids toothpaste to my toothpaste this week. That is just manly. And he is getting stinky like a man too. He prayed for my belly this week cause its been really heavy and huge and hurting, and it worked. Very thoughtful this kid.

Bye bye backyard with grass. We've had good times together. Many a birthday party. Many a playdate. Many a balls hit over your fence. We are doubling you in size, but will have to settle with dirt and rocks until we can arrange a makeover.

And Baseball is officially over. At least for the Rangers. We are hoping to go to the LDS (mormon) night at the Dodgers on August 6th. Cheap tickets. Elder Ballard is throwing out the first pitch.

My whole family but me is in Bama right now. Lets all boo hoo together. But I heard it was a good idea not to see my baby sisters house cause I would be green with envy. Maybe once I get rid of the lizards in the house I can come see it :).

Cori totally inspired me.
This girl is so cute, I'm so lucky to have great sister in laws. Seriously I scored marrying a McCoy. I'm thinking we might be twins since I ordered Book of Mormons in Farsi, Russian, Armenian, and Turkish that arrived this week. Watch out neighbors :)


Nash said...

maybe all this craziness will make your pregnancy go extra fast.
fun pics.

brandon said...

i liked luke's hair.

the happy thomas family said...

that first pic of your kids and their grandpa is fabulous. great shot. great father's day gift...

Amberli said...

FOR REAL! we mccoy implants are the luckiest daughters/sisters-in-law/wives in all the big wide world!

Christine said...

I always love catching up on your blog. You guys are the coolest little fam. I want a friend just like you to live by me:) I just saw on your blogs on the side the Allreds from Vegas. Porter and I went to high school do you know them? Small world!:)

Lindsey said...

I have been praying for you too. I hope everything works out tomorrow with the move. Your inlaws are awesome and so glad they are there. We love you. Way to go giving out your Book of Mormons to your neighbors. xoxo

Nancy Jo said...

We miss you! Thank Brian and Janet for us - they are the bomb! Your kids pics are darling! Good luck this weekend - you are in our prayers !!!!!

Amber said...

Goodbye SFV! Hello SCV! Hooray!

mist said...

Update your blog. We need to see the new house finished. XOXO Misty

Si said...

hi there! I agree with you, we would totally be friends. It's official. We are now cyber friends. I laughed so hard when i read your post about testimony meeting and saying schmuck. Good thing you are moving!