Saturday, June 13, 2009


So Jason and I saw a Delorean on the way home from our date tonite.

This morning Jason saw 'Biff' at Luke's little league closing ceremonies.

How many times do you see Biff and a Delorean in the same day?

Now for some random change of topics.

Luke rocked the all star game, yahoo baseball is over! Double yahoo.

We are about to enter the crazy week. The 'hope we pull it off' week. Mission Impossible for us McCoys at the moment.

So fittingly, we opted to go to the temple tonite. Cause we need some inspiration.

We even had a free babysitter, Jason's mom the amazing worker bee. And due to the chaotic state our of house covered in plastic (ceilings being down, long story short, we aren't finishing ourselves, Jason is super busy at work), there is a bit of a quiet before the massive storm approaching that is SATURDAY and the move (which Jason and I discussed we are in denial about).

My amusing story for the temple was at the very end, this woman who was a volunteer, leaned over to me and said, "Ahhh is this your first baby?"


"Oh, I thought you were twelve."

"Well, that just aged me a bit, huh"

And that was all the time we had to chat. But I thought it was pretty funny. I think partly cause I'm so short makes me look young. And really, lets me honest, everyone looks all dewy and glowy in the temple....hey, we are all wearing white, call it angelic. Still funny thought.

I came home and told my mother in law.

She thought I should have said, "First baby THIS year."

That would also have been funny.

Last major change of topic.

Another funny thing is I just said to Jason, "Seriously, If you don't vacumn I will." (its like 10 p.m. and his dad arrives tomorrow)

He said, "Are you crazy woman? I just did" (I'm about 4 feet from him)

"No way"

"Are you joking me? When you are on the computer you zone out like Luke watching TV"

Well, now I know where he gets it from.


Amber said...

What would a 12 year old being doing in the temple if she were pregnant? Ha....that's a funny story. Thing is, you probably could pull off being 12....on account of you being so cute and all.

And I LOVE the story at the end about the vacuum. Totally hilarious.

Good luck this week. I'll be around. Call me.

Crazy Lady said...

ya except for my big bazooms :)

cori said...

back to the future is the best.

one thousand....blah blah blah gigawatts. love it.

love your blog.

good luck with the house. we are thinking of you. that is so exciting!

English Garden said...

last move for a loooong while, you can pull it off, have faith.

Nancy Jo said...

If you need to call someone just to vent - I'm there for you! Sorry I am not there in person to help. Funny comment about being 12 and even funnier comeback of Janet's. That was crazy that Jason vacuumed right by you and you didn't notice. Good luck this week- you can do it!

Darek said...

That's funny, JUST the other night, Back to the Future was on TV and of course I have to watch it. Amber's like, "Go to bed, it's not worth staying up late for. Plus you have the DVDs already." Well that's true, but it's still one of my fav movies of all-time. And the FX aren't even super-super lame after 20 years like other 80s movies...Short Circuit, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Poltergeist (still scared me though). ANYWAY, Delorean's are still awesome cars and I wish I had one.

"1 point 21 Gigawatts!?"

"...zoned out like Luke watching TV" Haha! That's like Atticus! When he's zoned watching Curious George there's nothing that'll distract him!