Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spoiled Girl with Slightly embarrassing friends

Me and my sister. She traveled over the hill on a weeknight to join me. Thanks.

This story begins with the girl in the black shirt. I had organized...okay, we, had organized a nice quiet girls night out with two other friends who we don't see very often. But beware of doing anything with friends near your birthday. At least friends like mine.

Because they will ambush an innocent yogurt shop and turn it into loud mayhem with women's chatter and a party place. Which is what happened. Yogurtland if you live in the area.

And then proceed to embarrass the crap out of you, but thanks for the effort guys.

One day I will plan my own party to avoid your need to ambush me again. Thanks for not letting my 30th go unnoticed. You are definitely my family away from home. Besides my sister of course.

And to solidify the strangeness of the attack, the cute missionaries came too! My ward's elders are in the matching black sweaters....

Thanks to all who came. I felt loved...and embarrassed. And remembering me. And making me feel special...and for being good friends. Even if I don't see you all very much. And doubly for the ones who do have to see me very much. Thanks for not getting sick of me yet.

We have made a great little home here in California, you all are a reminder of that.

And just because I can't go without including my kids. Here was them camping out in the small space between the wall and the couch. They are funny.

This will be the last record of my birthday, quickly to followed by pictures from today and Luke's amazing festivities...and winning his first baseball game.


Sarah said...

I'm glad we were introduced to Yogurtland. It was so good! Happy birthday, Brooke!

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

I know all about missionaries crashing an event. The 2 from our ward came to my dothan reception and brought 2 that I had never met before. I think they had the biggest bags when leaving the candy session. Poor guys!!!
Happy 30th....and welcome to the club.
I know you hear this all the time, but you LOOK EXACTLY like your mom.

uncle brandon said...

your friends seem so nice

Lindsey said...

That was a fun party. I still can't get over that mine yogurt was only 1.60. That is almost as good as Diddy-Reese (sp?). Love the pictures from Disneyland. You guys look so happy. Such a cute family. Happy Bday to you and to Luke! We love you!

beth said...

Yes - Yogurtland! Yum! And I will totally do Diddy Reese next time. :) Happy Day Brooke. You are so photogenic, too.

embot said...

I'm so sad I missed it. I truly am. Sophie's game was a a nail biter but this party looks like so much fun.

I want to read what was on your list of 30 things we love about brooke!!