Friday, March 13, 2009

Disneyland is Free on your Birthday Pictures. Boo Yah!

This is one of the many attempts to pull out this sword. Luke knew one more time would do the trick.

The happy couple. First time to Disneyland with just our little family. We had a blast. The kids did great. We are pooped.

We did great waiting in lines. I had lots of candy, and chips. Healthy essentials. But that Dumbo ride did us in. Darby got her head stuck in the bars and Baylie ran away at the same time. But I couldn't move and had to yell 15 people a head to 'stop that baby!" . So they did and passed her back up to me. One person at a time. Darby will not be putting her head in the bars soon. It was quite tramatic.

I have a picture exactly like this at Disneyland when she was like 8 months old...but now I have more wrinkles.

We sure tried our hardest to pull out that sword.

This boy went back five times.

He said his legs were shaking from pulling some hard. I pulled too...nothing.

Are self portraits ever pretty? I love you all the other strangers who share my birthday. It was fun to meet you. I bet we would be friends. Even the odd ones.

This is her covering her eyes. While she is watching Darth Vadar. She did this alot. Even during Its a small world and Winnie the Poo. But the only one she cried on was the submarine and Nemo. She took Pirates like a champ.

Ready for Disneyland with new glasses from Nana.


uncle brandon said...

that sword in the stone is a cruel, tempting joke, oh disney, you just couldn't help yourself could you. ok, darby officially rocked that jersey, go girl. happy bday luke.

Hillary said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a blast and you look great in all of the pictures :) Your post is making me feel brave - can you believe that we've never taken our kids to Disneyland?

Nancy said...

The pictures are darling! The kids look fabulous in their glasses. It all looks like so much fun. They will all love it when it is your birthday if you 'always' take them to Disneyland! That was funny that the submarine was scary for Baylie, that used to be my favorite growing up but that was millions of years ago and it has changed since then. Glad you had a happy birthday Brooke!

Nancy said...

Oh I forgot to say, your hair was cute!

Maria said...

I love your kids but my favorite pic is the one of you and Jason. What a cute couple. Congrats on a great bday!!

Uncle D said...

So was I the first to leave a b-day message?! I was hoping I'd win that competition to be the first. So jealous you hung out at Disneyland, looks like it was good times.

alison said...

What a fun birthday! I'm glad you had a great time at D-land with the kids. So fun that your friends and Linds spoiled you at Yogurtland. You are a lucky gal. So loved! And Happy Birthday to Luke as well. He's such a champ. Love his baseball uniform.