Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Most Pleasant Evening...

This was so yummy. Mango Chicken from Clay Oven. Only a hint of mango really.... what do they put in that sauce? cream? I don't want to know... unless I can then make it everyday.

I dreamed about it last night. And I had it for lunch today thanks to take home boxes.

And why Indian twice in a month, well I was invited (and slightly invited myself) by this lovely lady...

Last night I had the most pleasant night out with two friends. Trying a new restaurant with my favorite kind of food. Did I mention I like Indian?

Vindaloo, Spinach thingy...garlic naan...lamb sausage...the white saucey stuff. I could drink it. Oh and the minty condiment that was heaven.

Sometimes you just need girls. And they know just what to say.

Not to mention that I learned Connie has a nephew named Jupiter...or was it a neice...does Jupiter seem more male or female to you. I'll have to ask her again.

Thanks for such a nice evening. Also watching the American Idol that I didn't tape...what are the rest of you doing about the Lost/American Idol conflict?

Sometimes a girl needs to get away. With good conversation. And a dinner out needs to be documented by this girl, because it is more and more rare which makes it more special.


Rachel said...

Girls night out is the best! Especially when you get really yummy food! Congrats on your baby on the way and the house hunt! I'm sure it will all go exactly how it's meant to.

I was checking out your list of cooking blogs and I had to tell you that I know the girl from My Kitchen Cafe. She's from my hometown. I love her blog! She's hilarious and a super good cook! How did you find her blog?

Crazy Lady said...

what a small does that mean she is mormon? she got four kids so i figured so.

I found hers through the food blog called taste and tell.

christy said...

i strongly believe in some girl time to keep this mother sane.

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

Awesome pictures. You look great...and so skinny!
I am AFRAID of Indian food, but glad you enjoy it.
Yes, it takes other women to keep me sane. My hushand will even tell you that!

Steve and Connie said...

Jupiter is my nephew. Not to worry though - Our daughter will be named Uranus to keep the theme going. Should be fun to hear her therapy sessions when she is an adult. (Remember, I am the one who said time-out is the garbage can!) My poor children.