Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good Times at...

Some benefits of house hunting is that Jason took the morning off to look and we went to not at McDonalds.

And while I suggested The Habit, which is tasty, I was so amazingly surprised when he wanted the Greek food next door. Yes my Americana husband is evolving. I'm so proud. Nothing like a good kebab.

Did I mention that my girls love hummus? Like love.

The stranger thing is that earlier in the week, since I've been avoiding(have no time) the grocery store and we can only eat so much peanut butter sandwiches, the girls and I went to eat by ourselves. Like at a restaurant that is not McDonalds. I think this was the first time this has ever happened. With just us.

So good thing the place was empty. Maybe the economy? or maybe because it wasn't that good.

What do you do before church? We are playing some b-ball.

My girly girls.

Got compliments on the new outfit, made by my talented friend. You can't see the hood in the back and the awesome interior fabric. Great because it was raining too that day. But now we are back to the gorgeous 75-80 degree weather. Just have to rub it in.

And what did my husband do for part of Luke's baseball game? Played princesses with Darby on the grass. He makes a great King Triton and of course she requires everyone to talk. Today he played imaginary 'water game' with them too. If you are in our family you know what the water game is. He is quite good at playing princesses. Or maybe he knew I had run out of ideas on the baseball field since we were there for 8 hours last week! (over three days but still! )

question on my mind?

1. How do you get paint out of your favorite shorts because you were dumb and wore them while painting your kitchen table tomato red and thought you would be clean...when you know you are a very messy person? Help?


brandon said...

goo gone/some kind of alcohol maybe but you might bleach them. fingernail polish remover would be last option but i would say maybe try alcohol first, then goo gone, then polish remover, the latter two i think more likely to bleach.

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

thanks for your encouragement. i just needed to vent...and afterwards, i realized how stupid i sounded. i mean, i spent 2 hours on the couch tonight watching American Idol...i could have been reading the BoM.
yes, you should have been a cheerleader.

Maria said...

Don't know about the shorts but thanks for rubbing in the weather. We had snow again today :(

Lindsey said...

Luke looks SO handsome in that suit. And the girls look darling. I think that is so sweet that Jason plays princesses with Darby!

Nancy said...

I think it is Goof off that gets paint out. It smells like paint thinner. Your kids are darling! Can't believe Jason eats that food, I am shocked. But I think it is great that he plays princesses with the girls-so impressed!

Crazy Lady said...

i tried goo gone. no luck.

you think goof off is different?

christy said...

paint is not likely to come out. maybe if it's really dry you could scrub it off or pick at it until it all chips away. you could use actual mineral spirits or paint thinner but it would probably ruin the fabric.