Sunday, March 15, 2009

Luke is 6 years old

This picture is not the birthday boy. But my darling niece and had to be including in the photos. She has spunk and actually I think should be in my family instead of my sisters due to feisty nature. We love Brenna.

And of course Dallas, the future beauty queen, a shame we don't live in the south, this girl would rock it. And smart to boot.

Luke was very specific about his birthday plans. Boys only. Which means there were two attendees. And for the sanity of his mother who just wanted to keep it simple and kept a very short list. Like really a glorified playdate kind of party.

I always forgot how quickly those water balloons actually go. So short compared the the pain of my fingers and time it takes to fill them up. Gone in two minutes. Same with the silly string.

Luke was stoked to get money from his aunt Courtney (and Carl) and his grandparents. He went to walmart that day and bought a bow and arrow that he had been wanting. Thanks.

Opening loot from Nana and grandpa.

8 a.m. Baseball game. After going to Disneyland the day before, it was brutal. But they had their first win and Luke rocked. No confidence lacking here.

7:20 a.m. before his game. Newly 6 year old boy. Oldest of my growing clan. We love you Luke. So glad you are in our family.


Tanya said...

I can't believe he is six already, it was just yesterday when everyone thought he was mine b/c we were both blonde, lol with brown eyes... Now he is so old, crazy!!!

Lindsey said...

Such a handsome birthday boy. That is so cool he rocked his baseball game! I need to write the next one on my calendar. Thanks for letting the girls celebrate with him at his boy party.

uncle brandon said...

such cute photos, such cool jersey and dodgers shirt, looks like fun.

Beth said...

That is crazy. I can't believe he is six!

Nancy said...

Woohoo Happy Birthday Luke! Looks like a fun day for him. Great pictures! He looks so old!