Monday, March 16, 2009

Fall Into Place

On to the next thing.

Baylie turns two in a few weeks, thankfully I think she just wants a glittery ball...have you seen those? Even I like those. Staring at a glittery ball.....ahhhh...

We McCoys have lots to do before September.

September is the baby's debut.

September is when school starts.

This summer will be eight years in California.

Finally there is hope that we can buy a house.

But it will take a small miracle.

Because we need to find a cheap house that we can live in immediately, fortunately we aren't that picky. We aren't needing crown molding and new appliances, really we just want to maintain what we got...maintaining is alot easier than downgrading don't you think. Thankfully our 1948 stove and kitchen makes that doable. I actually like that stove, its cool and it stays warm always so bread rises well.

Oh yeah, and this miracle house needs to be in a great public school and at the perfect price, but that has an additional bathroom, and hopefully bedroom please. Because when its done really we will only have money to paint it and thats about it. We are trying to live within our means people. Maybe some curtains if my mother in law helps me out making them.

Oh yes, and we'd like to be in the perfect place for our family where our kids would have friends and nice neighbors. All before I get extremely huge and immobile. Okay, so I never get really immobile, but I do get really huge. I heard its cool to be huge and I just gotta be cool ;)

All the lovely decisions I know nothing about. Babies, yes. Cutting the grocery bill, piece of cake. Houses, schools, no. Should we get a smaller house in area where the school is a nine or a bigger house and try and get in a charter somewhere?

Luke asked if we could go to the same church if we move. Nope, sorry hon. Gotta go where we live. But you will have friends there too. And I'll miss this one too. Not to mention that I'm just ignoring the thought of leaving the best running buddy...seriously.

A month ago I was having a pity party because I wanted to move closer to Jason's work in Hollywood (like Burbank), not farther. But I had a good chat with my more experienced sister in law (mother of five! See Vegas McCoys) who straightened me out. She said tim buck two is okay. Just do it. I love that sister in law, she has given me lots of good talks and straightenings as I've needed it. Sadly it might be a one way relationship. She is the older sister I never had...actually I have a few of those which is quite handy. Super classy ones actually.

And turns out we'll probably keep the same distance which is around 45min to an hour. That is okay, I can do the same. Not too scary. No more moping, it will be okay.

Jason and I have done lots of scary things together. I'd jump into anything with him. We moved to LA never seen our apartment (a studio) without a job and knowing not a soul. We had the missionaries over for dinner witht the kitchen table right next to our bed. That was funny. Our parents thought we were crazy. I don't know why?

Heck we dove into marriage two feet fast. We had plenty of miracles in college, because being married in college means you are super poor. Like can't buy grapes and just keep eating raman. Like how are we going to pay our rent poor. That was no fun. I don't know why so many Mormons get married in college cause it is hard. Wait, I know why. But it all worked out somehow.

I'll tell ya, he mellows me out. I could never have done all this before. I tend to be a stress case. Have had ulcers and TMJ in college. Its very romantic to be newly married and sleeping with a black mouth guard...take that tip for you. One time I couldn't lift my arm above my shoulder for six months. That was crazy. Not good. Life is too short to be stressed. Thankfully that was long ago and you just can't survive like that being the boss of these little ones. Now I know you need to have some lazy days. You need to be flexible and go with the flow. Like, for your health.

But one consistent in these last nine years is that we've never known what the next six months would bring. And we have been oddly okay with that. Marrying Mr Faithful Even Tempered sure helped. And now crap we are doing the same thing again. There is alot that needs to happen in the next six months. Lots of changes.

But back to the point, we are definitely doers. Or lucky stinks who've had alot of miracles. Lucky stinks definitely.

Another old story of our miracles. Stop reading if you are bored.

The first day we found out my medicine would be so much, it was on a Friday, the moving van was parked out front for us to move to another apartment, we got a call that night about a resume we'd sent in a month ago to apartment manage. So we returned that Uhaul, lived in boxes for two weeks, got the job and had to find renters for the other place. By the time we left that apartment managing job, Jason was making a little more money and we could handle that bill. But it made me realize that Heavenly Father and Jesus cared about us. Don't worry I had realized that before, but its always nice to remember. Us little McCoys in LA. Cause that $500 a month more might as well been a million at the time.

But its when the crazy seems peaceful and okay than I know we are on the right track. Even if our wish list seems tall and seems impossible like it is again right now. We have done impossible.

Because the timing will have to be perfect, since we are looking right now and school doesn't get out til the end of June and we really don't want to commute to Luke's school everyday...or put him in a new one for 2 months. So, it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

Funny thing to is my sister is in our boat. Lots of unknowns are on her plate as well. She'll be moving too since he is graduating and looking for a job. Need a dentist? Or someone who is hiring one? So I know it has to work out just right for her too. I know it will. Hers will be quite the miracle too.

But moving eight months pregnant with three little ones doesn't seem so dandy, so can we not have that? But heck, we are desperate here, so however its going to play is how its going to play really, and we'll just deal with it. Even with swollen ankles...I mean kankles. I think its going to happen? We shall see. Will we really buy a dang house in California? Holy cow that would be a miracle. Will it look like a grandma's house? Maybe. But it would be my grandma looking house.

We are going to make a hearty go of it, and leave the rest up not to ourselves.

We know we have been very lucky in our life. Things can always be worse and right now we are okay.


Tanya said...

congrats, and good luck we are right there with you in that boat :)

Lane and Hannah said...

Good luck! I hope you find the perfect house that you can love!

Maria said...

Hey we were in the same boat. New job, new baby, new state, lots of unknowns that we had no control over. So no worries it will all work out the way it's supposed to. Because even though I miss Cali like crazy, we're in the right place for Emma :)

christy said...

i would say location, neighbors, school etc is more important than the actual house b/c you can always improve a house but not anything else. however, no money pits that should be condemned or anything. just follow your instinct and pray about it and you will be led to the right place. moving while big and prego is doable. you'll get a surge of adrenaline b/c it will be exciting no matter the timing. good luck!

christy said...

i just realized i was in a similar situation when i was prego with number 4. it was a little miracle itself. we owned a townhouse but the neighbors were unbearable and the schools crap. i didn't think we could afford anything else but i just couldn't bear living there anymore. something told me to just look into it and when i did it was possible but we'd have to move further away from work. cory could do vanpool and everything else would be better out in the country. it was so discouraging at first but then we found this place that seemed perfect and we couldn't believe we could afford it. we made an offer conditional on the sale of our townhouse and they said they couldn't have any conditions and they had other offers. i was like crap we have to sale fast and i remembered a guy from church who owns some of the townhouses near me had offered to buy my neighbors but she didn't sell to him. i called and asked if he would buy mine and he did and i made just as much as i would have if i had sold it on the market. i took the condition off and got the house. all of this scrambling in just a couple of days. july miracle. then a couple of weeks later my mom was diagnosed with her fatal cancer and no one would treat her, but hopkins would so i said mom come live with me and get treatment. so she and dad moved in with me and then moved with us into the new house(in aug)a few weeks later and lived with us until October and then Avery was born first of November. man i hardly remember being prego with him it all went so fast. i actually moved twice while prego with him. we were in california for a few months and moved back to md like april-may and then moved to the new house that aug. so many stressful times we've had too but so many miracles abound and our faith that much stronger. love ya!

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

We are going through the same thing here in Vegas. We have so many unknowns on our plate and it's tough for me...Mrs. Control Freak.
We need a house, but I'm married to Mr. Financial Planner who can never find the right how for the right price.
Today, our water heater broke. Sometimes, you wonder...can we really handle everything He throws at us?". Sometimes, I just want to throw my hands in the air and give up. Ugh!!

Lindsey said...

Brooke. that was the longest post ever:)!. I hope it all works out just perfect..Thanks for the miracle reminders. Those are good to think about when you need another one. B/c you hope you will get divine help like you have in the past. xoxo

Lindsey said...

I can't believe that lady in costco!

Lindsey said...

I can't believe that lady in costco!

Heather said...

Good luck with the house hunt!

cori said...

"We are going to make a hearty go of it, and leave the rest up not to ourselves."

my favorite.

good luck! so exciting!

Nancy said...

I can come and help : ) I know you will find something! It sounds a little overwhelming when you look at it all at once like that. Things will work out, not to worry.

gina said...

Congrats on being prego and on being ready to jump into the real estate market, especially in CA yowzers! I hope you guys find a great place with fabulous schools!!

brandon said...

that is crazy ya'll might buy a house, i thought you were serious when you said you never would, just remember your roots and be humble when you talk about the quality of the houses, i'm sure there are a lot of people who your house will be nicer than theirs, i mean hey its not a trailer for one.

Andrea said...

That's exciting and stressful! We are totally related - I am a crazy stressful gal too! But isn't it fun or makes life a bit more exciting?? You've been tagged on my blog...only if you want :)

brandon said...

i know 3 kids, what a crappy person that lady was, then when she is in a nursing home and nobody visits her and she has a roomate with grandkids that come visit her and do her laundry for her so she doesn't smell and put pictures on her wall, she will feel sad.