Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a difference a week makes

Last Sunday I went to church in negative 6 degrees weather. I was almost crying I was so cold. My one pair of tights kept falling to my knees. Then I saw a moose.

This Sunday, however, I sat out in the 80 degree weather at the beach. A ten hour car ride can do strange things. (and yes, I just cut my hair)

In my defense: We were invited by church friends to go to the beach this afternoon. And I'm always complaining about my friends moving, and they had kids my son's I had to go.

I have never seen the sunset at a California beach. And in the seven and half years of living in California, we have never been to the beach on a Sunday. Because we are a tad conservative. Because I do other things. But I didn't even have my swimsuit on (okay, so I was the only one) and didn't get in the water (and I always get in the water). Because we believe in keeping the Sabbath day holy (like in the ten commandments yo). Like no buying things, and generally staying with your family and a day of resting.

a few of the cute Means girls. The oldest one and the youngest one actually.

But I we went to the free Zuma part so we didn't buy anything. And I told my kids that this was not like regular visit and that we were still needed to keep the sabbath day holy. That helps, huh? And lastly, I called the church headquarters to see if it was okay, and they texted me back that I was good. I'm lying. But I'm sure they would agree, right?

But most importantly I'm trying to teach my kids that Sunday is a special day that is dedicated to worshiping God. So today was special because we enjoyed God's beautiful land and had a wonderful time as a family.

Okay, so the kids got in the water.

There are all levels of Sunday worship and to each there own. And we surely enjoyed our 80 degree January weather. I'm liking this 2009.


Lindsey said...

So pretty sunset! The beach in Jan--that is pretty nice! I love your haircut!

Maria said...

My first Sunday back in L.A. better have that kind of weather cuz I am totally going to the beach. I figure if Brooke does it, it must be holy!

Maria said...

Oh and I'll try to find a picture of my bro-in-law

English Garden said...

I totally think free Zuma is fine on a Sunday, looks like fun.

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

You look SO much like your mom in that first picture. Isn't that weird how all of a sudden, we turn into them? My mom JUST realized how much we look alike.

I love your varying degrees of Sunday worship...we definitely have our own ways...and I'm glad you have your own rules.

Plus, you have to pick your battles. It looks like your kids had an amazing time!

Nancy said...

Beautiful! I need to come and visit because it is cold here too! Your hair looks so cute!

Adam Tait said...

Perfect... this is why I love Cali.

Gina said...

Okay now I am jealous! We got 5 inches of snow today and the roads are crap to drive on! So to answer your questions No and No. Zac is the EQ pres and I am not pregnant. Are you?

Crazy Lady said...

no prego...but in 2009 we hope

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

Are you serious Brooke? You guys want another kid? You are a trooper!!!