Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Weekend Ain't Over

I love this picture. It's at a birthday Darby went to Saturday and all the girls are crowded together looking at the special birthday day girl Chloe's new toy. Notice all are in princess dresses except my unwilling daughter. Very confusing.

This is cousin love. In their pjs, past their bedtime, right before Dallas went home. Although we'd invited her to spend the night...Lindsey!

Everyone wanted to hold Sadie. Even messy, bangs in my face, Baylie. Baylie's coloring was pretty similiar to Sadie's at her age. Same hair too. Click on the picture to see how long her hair actually is.

"Hold soft, Hold soft"

Darby with her bathing suit on (no we didn't go to the beach, thats for tomorrow), holding her cousin. I only do their hair once a sorry you missed when it was 'done'.

Church was good. Darby went to her first sunbeam class...hey, we've had a rocky start. Turns out Baylie is totally fine without her in nursery. Who knew? All is well.

Goal track update: Smiley count so far = one per person. Although I felt like I sabotaged Luke today when I teased him about this cute little baby girl we were making faces at...cause I said, "Hey, you could marry her" So then he said like he hated her...and I felt really bad because I totally set that one up. Bad mom. Don't tease your poor boy.
...But then Darby blew hers when Luke kept jumping on her and tackling her and she kept saying he was mean (which has been a big habit at our house: instead say "Be Nice" or tell mom) so then I told Luke maybe he should help her keep her goal by not torturing her. Its a two way streak.


Si said...

hi Crazy lady,,,just saw your comment on my blog. Glad the meatballs turned out for you! Your blog/family pics are so sweet. Who is your fam in B-town?
Happy cooking!


beth said...

Baylie is getting cuter and cuter every day I swear.

Crazy Lady said...

Hey Bountiful cute aunt is Pam Tanner.