Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We Be Back

Is it soo cliche to say there is no place like home?

Even if your home is small and not decorated as cute as your sister in laws you were just at 4 hours prior? Even if one day she might come to your house and see that you have copied everything from her house...and be creeped out?

Anyway...back to our first snowy road trip. I am no longer scared to drive to Utah in the snow. We did it. And will do it again. In fact, I could move there. Right now. Someone get Jason a job. After being initially freaked out with my kids jumping into piles of snow with no coats on or worrying about them eating yucky brown snow next to gas stations, I remembered how wonderful it can be. After all, Jason and I did live there for four years one time. And we weren't scared of it then either.

Yes we had to buy chains for my pimp van and use them twice. Worth the $38 from Walmart, thank you very much.

Ate at Arbys. Also had lime rickeys, fries with fry sauce, snow slushies, homemade meals from friends, pizza, hamburgers (which I've decided I don't ever get sick of), banana shake, and Guatemalan hot chocolate. Most of those are Utahan specialities.

We went to Vegas twice (since Jason left his glasses there), saw lots of cousins, saw four dogs, lots of grandparents, took lots of pictures, lots of friends, crocheted half of a scarf for Luke...and stayed in four different places in five nights. This trip was spontaneous...unusual for a planner like me. We didn't know what we'd do or when we'd leave. But we played in lots of snow.

Jana and Erica, if I would have read my blog, I would have loved to meet up with you. ...same with you Sara, although I lost your number and hadn't taken a shower so wasn't cute enough to my liking for a reunion. And stinky. And we missed the Kirby's as we were determined to sleep in our own beds tonite... We tried to meet up with one of Jason's old mission companions, but the snow canceled the trip. And we still haven't seen that cute sister in law fresh off the mission yet.

But now we are pros and realize everything is closer than you think, as long as your butt can handle the sitting. So road triping soon we are again. Yes we watched a ton of movies, including star wars...while planning our next year's Halloween costumes...I called dibs on Jaba...still wondering how to make it.

Jason still has the rest of the week off, party time McCoy house. Which really means, unpack and lots of laundry, take a shower....maybe a date...fingers crossed my favorite babysitters are available. Here is five days with no computer, it was cleansing...and now its over.

White fluffy cold pictures to come.

Happy Birthday my brother. Your birthday is in 33 minutes. Don't worry, you not be as old as me. Never will be.


Sara Jane said...

Glad your whirlwind trip to Utah went well. Lawrence couldn't eat enough snow. Want to go to the zoo tomorrow or Friday?

Lindsey said...

We missed you. Sounds like an exciting trip. I am jealous! xoxo

gay said...

i can't believe i'm hearing someone admit they are willing to move out of southern california but i will forgive you. by the way if you pee your pants all the time your life must be but REAL good!! ha ha! (or you just need to give in and start wearing depends!!)

mist said...

Glad you made it back. Save the chains and snowboots...it sounds like you will need them again.

Anonymous said...

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