Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow Lady Part 1

Here is the doorstep of one of the 'hotels' we stayed in. Much nicer than the Days Inn on the second night. The Dahl Inn on the top peak of Park City. Not bad. We saw a moose right outside their window. like close.

Pretty isn't it. Renee's internet isn't up yet so I'll give you the sneak peak Encino gals.

At the last minute, Nana ended up being in Utah the same time as us. Of course we were thrilled, especially my kids. My kids were also long over due in seeing their great-grandparents. And they got a toy from the 99 cent store for being so good (fan of bribes) and then we went to Walmart to cash in the silver dollars Nana gave them...they bought it themselves and loved it...yes they are spoiled.

My aunt and uncle live in the prettiest spot of Bountiful. With a great hill to sled down. I took a turn going down that bad body is definitely getting older though because the bumps were more like a thud.

The boys getting ready to go down. We love the Tanners.

I got to meet baby Jack. And feed him.

Trekking through the snow with Uncle Ben. With Bo the dog. After we left, Luke told his buddy his grandpa took him sledding...


This started to remind us of Christmas Story

Baptism for Heidi (age 8) with her family. My niece has the coolest birthday of 1-1-01.

Brothers McCoy

Cousins and a new puppy...we love these kids.

oh yes...and today I wore no shoes and shorts outside and I washed my car in the shining sun.
Wierd and lovely too. What a difference 10 hours makes.


cori said...

i am so glad my kids feet are clean in this picture. haha

love you and your cute family.

cori said...

and i want to move to utah too. those are awesome pictures sister.

oh. did kenz tell you? we went back to that store and now all three of us have matching hoodies. the one i loved, and made you buy? the cool bird on it?

Nancy said...

Loved all the pictures! Lots of the snow melted today. Great grandparents loved having you visit! We've been to 3 doctor appts. in 2 days. Growing old is the pits.

christy said...

you should come visit me next time you road trip up to utah. my dad and micah are here now.

Arlene and Chris said...

Whose house is that in the second picture?! I would die for a view like that! I'm so jealous---the snow looks so fun! I miss snow...the little I've ever seen of it!

Heather said...

Pretty pictures! I love the one of Baylie in her snow gear. She's probably never had that much clothing on before. I'm glad you got to see your Mom. Hope your grandpa's doing better.

beth said...

I'm so jealous you got to see Renee!!!!!!! How fun.

Lindsey said...

Gorgeous snow picts!!