Thursday, January 22, 2009

So, Definitely not boring

Luke to his Dad

"My hair was my homework today "

"I cut my hair for my homework."

No, that is not true. He had to use scissors for his homework which he normally does, but was extra picky and sluggish yesterday and next thing I knew their were little tufts of hair on the ground.

And when the size three wasn't short enough thats when i was sad. But he is super self-conscience about it and it will grow back. He was worried his friends would laugh at him today, but we told him not to worry cause he is cool.

" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 , 8, 9, 10, 11. Luke, there are 11 guns on this picture. You know I don't like guns."

"Yes, thats why I'm trying to get you to like them"

"I want pictures of birds and puppies and flowers. Please"

Worth a try right? Looking back, if I'm being very reflective, I could have probably slowed down his love of violence and fighting and weaponry. But that would me inspecting all his friend's houses, Medieval times, giving my family stricter present requirements, limiting books and tv and movie and even some scripture stories (of course he loves David and Goliath, and don't forget about Ammon). But I think it would have been worth a try. Maybe avoided the inevitable? Because now I have 11 guns on a ship pictures in kindergarten. Don't get me wrong, I think this is all 'normal' and boy. Shoulda woulda coulda...I'm sure I'll have plenty of re-do wishes.

I love school. Don't you remember doing stuff like this? Kuddos to them for being so current. Do you think President Obama would dig his hair?

How wierd for those girls that my kid is coloring pictures of them.

I asked Luke if he knew what African American meant. He didn't. I just left it at that. I love the colorless and simpleness of this age. He never brings up that his friends speak two languages either. There will be plenty of time for explanations of everyone's differences, but all he see are boys he wants to play with or girls he wants to scare and chase.

Ahhhh...I avoided this all day.

Because my kids can clean with great supervision. I can't just tell them to clean their room and walk away.

Like "Now put the princess shoes in the box. Hand me the books and I'll put them in the library." Ahhhh... but it finally got done and no one is allowed to play with toys ever again.

Here is Funny #1 and Funny #2.

#1 found Luke's old 2T suits in the closet. (don't worry Courtney, I've saving them for CJ) She thought this was so funny, and I did too.

Yes, the one on the left is a girl, even if she doesn't look like it there.

This was the original picture. But my order is botched. Princess shirt and a suit. Nobody said they weren't amusing.

If you add all of yesterday, with the fact that I forgot to pick up Luke at school on Tuesday (it was an early day and forgot because of the holiday) and then stabbed myself with a fork when I was madly preparing potatoes to bake, it has been a strange week. thats what you get for gushing about motheringhood and all. For real.


uncle bobo said...
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uncle bobo said...

hey luke is half from alabama, so you got to give him the guns. at least he isn't drawing rainbows. : ) tell luke he is real brave, that I didn't buzz my hair til i was like 22 and i was real worried about it too, note: buzzes at first you have to worry about burns cause it is sensitive, plus at least you didn't have to razor it. plus it is cool, tell him army-man.

Krystin said...

Brooke, Each little pic. could have been a post so I'm going to respond to each of them... Luke looks great with hair...I've never really seen my boys WITH Hair!
The gun thing is in their genes...even if you took every violence related thing away...they would figure it out themselves...At school, Ashlan was so proud she voted for "Rock" Obama - love the red hair! The girls look so cute in their brothers suits...I sense an 80' Halloween costume.

mist said...

I am still laughing about the hair. Just be glad it wasn't one of your girls...a buzz is an easier fix than a pixy cut:-) Kennadi cut her hair once so she could make a wig! Have a better day. The suit thing is cut. Maybe you should get the girls school girl outfits and let them wear a tie instead.

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

I've never read that book. Tell me about it.
No, please don't keep your mouth really help me see a new perspective. Keep up the good work.

Sheri N. said...

Brooke, your posts are hilarious. I love the guns picture.

Lindsey said...

I like Luke's hair. That is pretty impressive how short he got it. Glad he didn't cut his scalp. Cute drawings--yes, dido to Brandon, glad he isn't drawing rainbows:). And hilarious suit picts of the girls. s

Than, Erica, Pacen & Camry said...

you just make me laugh. and I love luke's comment about making you like guns. Pacen knows that he doesn't "shoot" moms because i don't like it.

cori said...

that gun picture? i love your blog. you are so fun.

luke and his hair. life is so great. there is nothing better than being a mom. and you make me want to be a better one.

brinkley voted for "okeebama" at her school.

k and c listened to the inauguration with stars in their eyes.

it was awesome to watch that.

christy said...

i used to try to keep guns out of our kids lives until they just started making them out of sticks and whatever so i decided to switch to be the good guy not the bad one and be careful around weapons
i'm glad my kids have not done the cut hair thing
our big heads would not be cute bald