Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My children are urchins

No, not like in a play, like christmas carol....they LOOK like urchins. Cause I can't find a brush.

And they have snotty noses. Crazy hair, dirty faces and snotty noses. All because of no brush.

Three women and no brushes. No where in the house. I know we have three brushes if you count Darby's princess one too. No luck. No brushing all day long. They looked like orphans. Urchin orphan children. I'm sure organized mothers keep them in the same place everyday, but do those mothers have to sit on their girls legs (softly sitting...sort of) and listen to them wail while they brush out tangles? Cause after the daily battle, how can you remember to put them back to their 'home'.

Tip of the day: What is way better than cheese whiz on your finger (gag)....Whipped cream! We have been making white 'worms' on my little urchins fingers with whipped cream. Probably my best invention yet.


Courtney said...

I can't ever find a brush either. Emma Jane likes to play with them, so I always find them in random places in the house. I too love whipped cream.

Gina said...

I can't say I feel your pain cause I keep my boys hair real short so as to avoid hair combing altogether! All it takes is a little water and a hand to matte down the bed head. I do remember having that problem growing up with 4 sisters.