Thursday, October 16, 2008

Interesting Couple of Days

Well its kinda been a crap couple of days. Don't you hate that? I think it happens whenever your last post was about praying and people start thinking you've gone Molly Mormon (code: Perfect perfect girl for all the non-mormons, cause i know there is a slew of you...ahahah...not really) And I was mad today to get a cortisone shot cause my dumb right hand is always numb. I tried to talk my doc out of it cause I was feeling a bit wimpy. I told him the tingling doesn't hurt and I don't even care that it does it cause I'm used to it. But he did it anyway.

Jason is swamped at work and I was cleaning my house for a inspection from the management company that I was so worried about that turned out to be a 19 year old kid who looked like he just woke up. He even made a joke about having to turn me in if I had a pot plant which I totally didn't get and was like, "You can't have potted plants! What! Where does it say that in the lease?" I am a dork. But at least my house was clean. Super super clean. Like the cleanest its been since my mother-in-law came last.... too bad its already messy now. Dang that kitchen floor.

So how surprised was I when I saw a bag in my mailbox full of these darling hair bows and a sweet note from a friend. Seriously made my day. And made up for the past few crap ones. Okay, so it wasn't like totally crap 24/7, because I definitely have a few good moments in there that I can't remember, but the end of the day hit-the-pillow, I was hoping to delete the whole week. But you can't do that, and somebody out there must have known that and decided to schlep the 20 minutes to my house to brightenen me up. Somebody really cool who I like alot. Makes me wonder if I do that for other people? How much schleping and nice note writing am I doing? I can't think of it any but am now resolved to be like that person. Right now I'm just grateful to not feel forgotten and be remembered. Funny how we always need reminding.

I cannot put on makeup alone.

Sometimes I am really annoyed and sometimes I chose not to be and hand her a brush. Or a gloss or some eye shadow that she smooshes to goop. If I was like my mother, I would have it all perfectly on before the kids woke up (with my hair done too), but I have not made it that far. So here is my makeup buddy. Her other name is Ruin my lipsticks by sticking in her finger-girl. Or smoosh stuff on her face while I quickly try and put mine on. I am a makeup girl, must be daily applied. The only time I don't is if I have the flu, which means like 2 days a year. And if you are feeling ugly, that just means you need more.

She is showing the lipstick on her lips. Those little lips are now puffy and black underneath from bonking her mouth on the kitchen chair during lunch. It looks so sad. That was the day after she came out with hives, the same day I took her in to get her stitches out. The same day the other two had flu shots. Miss Baylie's had a rough go of life this week. Which is why she needs makeup especially.

On the same day as my surprise delivery, I had a visit from my incognito out-of-state friend who only tells me hours before she arrives. We dined at Wendy's and let the kids play at the mall, but I'll take what I can get! One day we will live on the same street.


Pam said...

potted plants...that's funny. i thought the same thing at first.

hope i didn't make you feel bad about that fhe, monday nights are taken, must be die hard because you pray so much, comment i made at the pumkin patch (ya, as i typed that, i realized it was me, sorry). Seriously, i need to be more like you. in fact, my mom (whom you have never met but stalks you blog and is probably reading this right now, hi mom) said to me today, "why don't you post pictures of your kids as often as your friend brooke does?" so there you go, my mom likes you better than me!

anyway, we're glad you going to join us monday (after fhe, of course). hope your weekend goes better!

Beth said...

Baylie just needs her own little makeup bag with a brush, some old makeup you don't care about, and a chapstick. Then she'll be out of your way. That works with Tyler. :)

Sorry about your day. Maybe eat some chocolate.

Sarah said...

I'm sorry you've had a crappy couple of days. I have been having a hard time too, so it's always nice when I know that I'm not the only one and things will get better! I thought that was really cool of whoever dropped off all those barrettes. I know the feeling when it's just what you need to make it through another day. I wish I could be more like that person! Hang in there, Brooke! At least that's what I tell myself everyday.

Heather said...

She is just soo cute! Lauren loves make up which is funny because Mel doesn't wear it. I guess it's just something some girls are born with.

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

email me because i lost your email address.

Lisa -- said...

Try this week... finding your eldest daughter laying in her vomit in the middle of a febrile seizure, rushed to local ER transferred to nearest Children's Hospital, and then a flattire on one of the nights driving home from the hospital (with newborn) while husband is at hospital with daughter BUT ALAS, a wonderful priesthood holder husband to give a blessing in the ER, a wonderful friend sent her hubby to change my flat unexpected sending dinner with him and then follow me home only to arrive at home to be greeted by my RS president and counselor to help me. Lessons learned... Gospel and friends are wonderful to have in life. Life is challenging but full of joy. Hope your week is better next week as well as mine. Ashley is finally home as of last night!! Know what you mean about your mom. My mom learned so much at village from her. Love ya, Nancy!

Renee said...

Sorry you had a bad week. You never call me if you need a break. You need to. Anywhoo... check out my blog I tagged you.

mist said...

Better yet you might share cute white picket fences!