Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween is coming....duh

You might be wondering who puts pictures of their daughter like this for all to see. Half-naked with princess shoes and un-done hair. And her hand is trying to take off her diaper and the rest of her clothes...or she might have an inch. Well mostly she wasn't in the pictures, and I don't want to leave my pretty little baby out. So here's the story.

The Knight is ready for battle!

Luke is super excited about his Halloween costume. Like, has to wear it everyday. I'm not one of those who only lets her kids wear it on Halloween. If we bought it, might as well get our money's worth. And next year he gets to use his imagination (not Targets), or our playclothes pile, for a costume. But he was out for two days sick last week and for $5, I made him the happiest boy on the planet with that enormous and destructive sword. I mean its plastic so its not the destruction.

And what did I get? Happiness in having some newly acquired collateral to get chores done and listen more to your mama. Like yesterday at church, when they were being less than reverrant and he crawled under three rows army-style, I didn't get mad like I normally do, I just whispered in his ear, 'you just lost your sword for ten minutes when we get home.' Everybody needs some good collateral.

Okay, onto the show.

The princess knight defeated the other knight in the hall.

But we don't 'kill' at our house, only 'capture' or 'defeat'. Wording is very important to me. No killing here. Or at least I'm working on it. Dang that David and Goliath story that is so cool to my boy.

Now the half-naked princess sits on the defeated knight.

Now these are for me. From Jason when he was picking up some cilantro at the store at Trader Joes. This must be documented because it was so rare (for no reason) and sweet. Good job honey!

My princess thinks her grumpy face is hilarious.

I prefer this one, but the grumpy face makes me laugh. And we're off!

By the way, that Disney costume (do you hear me disney?) was a piece of crap and fell apart a month after she got it for last Christmas. But she loves and wears it anyway, and doesn't even notice.


Maria said...

You have no idea how much I miss Darby. Nursery with her was soo awesome! grumpy face . . . heehee

Nancy said...

two weeks and counting when I get to hug and kiss your knight and princesses, woohoo!

Nathan said...

Those are such cute pictures! I always think collateral is great. They look like they are having a blast in their costumes. Dallas keeps switching--she is back to being a bee.

Lisa -- said...

I love your kids. They are hilarious. Your pictures brighten up my day! I hope I didn't offend with my last comment swapping crappy hard weeks. I was just relating since mine was hard too.

Crazy Lady said...

lisa, you couldn't offend me. and it is nice to swap stories and get, you win :) that sounded terribly and I hope ashley is much better. glad your ward helped out.