Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Are my McCoy girls cool or what? Its in the blood.

Yes, we like to strike a pose right before bed.

Swords and all. Batman cape included.

How do I get rid of those beady little red eyes, and show my one blue-eyed anomally. We don't joke about swords, its serious business.

Okay, just a run through.

Dumb stuff today:

My friend Renee and I (who have the day off for Rosh Hashana, thank you my Jewish neighbors, Happy New Year to you too, and enjoy apples and honey) decided to take our combined 6 six kids, ages 5 and under, to the bowling alley. Because they have air conditioning and the zoo does not, and its still 100 degrees here...for the rest of the week. We figured it was just an hour, right? Try the longest hour of our life!

So, it was a little hairy sometimes. Darby took off her bowling shoes and socks after every turn. The one year olds would not sit still. We ordered food. And candy. The place was packed. Turns out every other mother in the valley has bowling on her mind. Next time we will bring husbands. But don't we get an A for effort? And for trying to be cool moms who try new adventures. And the kids were dying to go...we only lasted seven frames.

But the bigger question I have, is why this world is so cruel? Because at 29 years old, I have a bright red zit (mountain) on the tip of my nose. When does that stop? No makeup will cover it up, but I might charge tickets if you want to check it out...wait...I hear Santa calling.

Smarter stuff today:

6 p.m party jam.

After baths and after I've run out of ideas and I chosen not to hold a grudge that my kids did not gobble up my dinner I cooked like I'd imagined...and Jason still has a long time before he is home.... we dance. Shaking all our four tushies to our favorites. This is almost a daily ritual.

The tunes are usually, Daniel Powter's, "Have a Bad day", Jonas Brothers "Kids of the Future", Miley Cyrus, Fergie-edited, "Born in the USA" by Bruce, "Rad Moves" by the Backyardigans, Ikona (all tracks), Chris Brown "Forever", and "If I had a million dollars," by the Barenaked ladies...all kid friendly. So if you drive by our house it will be thumping.

It really helps my psyche.

Anything to postpone more cleaning, right?


mist said...

The real question is do you have a fishbowl dance party? My girls love dance parties...I think our kids love dance parties because it comes from their mamas...dance blood is thick you know.

Nathan and Emily said...

I am honored by my name change, even if it is unwarranted! Those are the sassiest pictures I've ever seen of Darby! I just love them! L' Shana Tova!

christy said...

you must have missed my blog entry when i took my kids bowling by myself this summer. we bowled 2 games and it seemed like forever, not fun.
the zits never end i guess b/c mine are as bad as ever. having a water softener has helped and lots of facial products with acid. Neutrogena has this acne spot attack stuff that is like pure acid. it burns so bad but does fry the zit to make it go away.

Lindsey said...

-Love the sword poses. And that you went bowling--that sounds like fun--and crazy, but did you at least get a good soda out of it? Your zit was not that bad--wouldn't have ever known it was there.
And I love dance parties too--especially to good music thats got the beat. Shake it.

Heather said...

I love that Darby can be a princess and still play with swords. She gets the best of both worlds. Looks like Baylie's going to follow in her footsteps.

Crazy Lady said...

lindsey. you saw me first thing in the morning when i had an inch of makeup still on. ask jason, he is my proof.

no good soda. only nasty water-downed pink lemonade. yuck

Sarah said...

Love the pictures, especially Darby's expression. You're brave for going to the bowling alley without a husband. I am impressed! I had a huge zit on my chin recently. I don't get it. I normally don't have problems with acne, but when I get one, I get ONE BIG ONE for all to see! Oh, and I keep hearing of other families having dance parties. Dance parties are a regular occurrence at our house when my kids are driving me crazy. Josie always requests the same song to start with "the Surf's Up song" (The New Radicals - You Get What You Give). Anyway, long live dance parties!!!

cori said...

i love that you made it to round 7 these pics are SO cute!

az mama aka Erin said...

I'd take a mountainous zit any day of the week instead of the urban sprawl that is my cold sore!!! How I hate cold sores. Alex and Vienna both stare at it and then I push it towards their faces and they scream and run!! Good times.
I actually refused to go to the gym yesterday and cancelled on a friend because of the leprosy, ne, cold sore on my face. Yes, it is a cruel, cruel world.