Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Identity Crisis

We are all about the animals right now. Can't get enough of them.
Come to our house and close your eyes and hold out your hand.
Then guess what animal you have... its hard.

I don't know what I think about this whole kindergarten thing.

First of all, he is now going by Lucas. What?

I know that is what I named him, but we have never called him that since he was born. Wait, unless he is in trouble. The idea was Jason would call him Lucas, and I would call him Luke, but that never stuck, he has always been Luke.

But now, he tells his teacher he is Lucas and writes Lucas on his paper.
What happened to my Luke? I'm trying to be chill. "Maybe you can be both?"

I mean going to the store is easier, and Darby is loving her time with me. But things are not the same. And yes I'm a bit controlling mother. I pride myself on my lack-of-nanny-parenting...even though once a week would be nice, heck maybe twice. I'm thinking this might be the problem. That and our too small of house so we are always end up in each other's business all the time, gets a bit stuffy when we are all home. Sometimes there is no empty corner to go to for anyone. My childhood is staring me in the face with how sassy he is....holy cow am I in for it. I'm sorry mama for all the talking back I did to you, cause I am getting it now. That should make you smile.

Me, "Luke, you need to take your bath first,"

Luke, "You take it first."

Me, "Say what?"

(he needed his bath first so his snotty coughing sisters didn't contaminate him)

That is pretty saucy for five. And that is just a taste of it.

What exactly is he learning in kindergarten anyway? For six hours....although Tuesdays are short day so its only 5. He says math...but what does that mean? When is he going to learn how to read? And why is he so hungry when he comes home? Seriously, I'm starting to thinking that Roxann Means is smart for skipping the whole grade and keeping them home longer. But before you tell me that I will love it, just know I know that. So you don't have to tell me. But transitions are a bit difficult, cause he is my buddy.

Motherhood is good and bad for the ego. I love when my kids try to tell me how much they love me, like that bunny book that I can't remember. They love to hear it back from me. Or when I tell them three reasons why I love them (thank Tamara for that one, or its a spin on an idea of hers, especially when they are being naughty and you need to re-remember too) And all the hugs and kisses and compliments. We are a lovey folk and tell each other we love each at least ten times a day or through the secret I LOVE YOU sign language signal to be discreet or from far away.

But sometimes my kids are not appreciating all the chicken and green beans I'm cooking and trying to feed them. Like when Luke has to finish his plate to get an oreo and I say, 'did you like it', and he says, 'not really'. Okay then, better not marinate all day and use my fancy recipes and just serve nuggets instead. I tried to convince them my Taco Bell was homemade last week, but they didn't think that was funny. But I did.

Luke is the leader of our little troop. If I can get him to do it, the rest will follow. When the girls run away, if I can get Luke to stay, I know they will come back. (Is that crazy logic or what? "Don't chase her Luke, just let her come back"...running away is a major issue at our house ...or the park...or the zoo...or the grocery store...or costco) Darby has just been a little wild thing since he is gone. She doesn't want to do anything. Pee or Eat. Those are important things here. But we are just getting started. Its funny because at the beginning of the summer I didn't know how I'd survive. Now I'm moping about my perfect little schedule where we did whatever we wanted, but I knew when we would eat and sleep. And we were all together.

I feel like I should get a 'school sucks' shirt...or is that too much? I don't think his teacher would appreciate that. I know, take it easy crazy lady, I will learn to love it and I do, but its hard to let go. Enough said.

Later addition: Jason checked on the kids before bed and came and got me to see Luke totally asleep in Darby's bottom bunk with books and stuffed animals all around them. They had even got an extra pillow from the closet. Little cuties.


Nash said...

Well said.
I am about to put my daughter in half-day K, because she is doing great in school, but a MONSTER the second her foot steps inside the van door. It's like she says," I have worked hard and used up all of my energy for the day, so you will get the WRATH of me now!" I am at my wits end. She is learning tons and reading. Gotta love the Franklin schools here in good ole' M.E.S.A.

Nancy said...

Smile. Yup, they will try to see if you stick to your rules. The more strict and unbending, the better things are/get. Sometimes I think they act up to see if they can get away with it(wanting attention) and if you do not act on it, it gets worse. That is what the Nanny Diaries show is all about. Good luck. Been there, done that xoxomom

Heather said...

My brother did the name change thing a couple of times when he was in school. Hi name is Aaron Micah, but we've always called him Micah. He went through several phases where he told people at school to call him Aaron. I think they just like trying out something different.

I think it's good for kids to go to kindergarten. That way they have a year to get adjusted to the school environment and being away from home all day. So then once they start first grade, they don't have to go through all of that. They can just focus on learning.

christy said...

i hated school when my kids first started. it took away my freedom and homework for them means homework for me. i've done that already. don't want to again. got to make it seem all important though and set a good example. all my kids have done half day k though. i love it now. 3 are at school the whole day. it's great during the day with just one kid. after school, homework time, drives me bonkers though. they still try to get out of doing it. you'd think they'd be more cooperative in 4th and 5th grade.
oh and i totally know what you mean about coming home starving. here they only get 30 minutes for lunch but they try to rush them out faster by allowing them to go out for a lunch recess as soon as they are done eating. they hurry and eat as little as possible so they can go out and play. when i bought them lunch it was a waste. it went in the trash. they pack a lunch and they have to bring it all back home so i can see what they ate. the rule is eat the sandwich first. they usually only eat it and everything else ends up being their after school snack.

Renee said...

Gosh I feel like I don't love my kids enough! I actually like that they are at school. Is that bad?? I feel like he is learning more there than he would with me. I am probably used to it because of preschool. Gradually going from 3 days to 5 days from 9 to 1. Now its just an hour and a half more.

Pamela said...

i'm one of those "crazie" who thinks pre-school is a bit over rated but when tiff started kindergarten i reluctantly put nicole in. she was having a hard time with the transition and it really seemed to help. something to think about...

Anonymous said...

Brooke, I found your blog while googling for Aloe Vera images (!) and I'm so glad I did. We are about to start trying for our first baby and seeing your blog has been an encouragement to me to go for it! So thanks for the way you write about your awesome life and I hope you don't mind a stranger from halfway across the globe reading it.

Just keep swimming said...

P.S. this is the aforementioned stranger again. I've just worked out how to create a blog (you can pat yourself on the back for that too coz over here in the UK my buddies use facebook so I'm a newbie at this) and it's called Onwards & Upwards or elsworthsinlondon I think - so maybe that makes me commenting on your blog less strange... but I think I'm sounding stranger by the second.

English Garden said...

hooray for the strange Brit that checked your blog!! Can comment on the school thing yet but you'll figure it out.

Lindsey said...

Funny that he is going by Lucas! Love the animal games. My D has been sassy for a while--but then it switches to whiney. My favorite is when I ask her to pick something up and she says you can do it! Sweet that you are missing Luke, it probably will just take another week of adjustment time for everyone. xoxo

Maria said...

Love the blog, though, I wish I had some expert advice from the teacher to give but I don't. I just don't know much about that age. Call me when they hit puberty ; )

uncle bobo said...

hey buck has been buck from birth and ALL his teachers called him buck so you can get anything to stick, and his name is paul frederick the third. also. speaking of name identity crises. today i was thinking i don't like everyone calling me walter. but i'm pretty sure i wouldn't like brandon either. hey, don't be one of those homeschool moms (no offense to anyone), we are a public school family. makes em tough.

Darek and Amberli said...

That's funny...me and Amberli always check in on Atticus and if he's in some crazy position or all sprawled out we come get each other to see it...kids sleeping really is funny and so cute.