Thursday, September 11, 2008

My girls

I am in love with these two.

For not being pregnant I sure think

about what baby will come next a whole lot.

Will these be my only girls?

Will they love to go shop with me
like I do with my mom?
(I know there is more to life than shopping, but...)

I was so excited when Darby said today,
"Look, mom a teaspoon!"

Yep, Darby girl, a teaspoon.

how many teaspoons have we dumped
together making cookies and zuchini bread?
A million teaspoons.

And eaten a million teaspoons of cookie dough

One day I hope they'll be best friends.

And it all began playing in a plastic bin.

Aren't those things so versatile?
Hold toys, grown-out of clothes, insta-boat...

And here's what I got from the Nie Nie dialogues fundraiser. From ciaobellababy at
The pictures don't show how cute they really are. Now I'm wishing I got Baylie one too. I didn't think she'd notice, but I forget how misleading that is..because a 17 month old is still a smarty pants. I'm wondering if I should have put Lucas on his?


Pamela said...

you're a good mom!

Nash said...

Those are really cute.
I wonder that sometimes too, will I have just two girls? Sometimes it makes me sad. Oh well.
i love the food storage tips, I am thinking about getting started, and am so overwhelmed.

Nancy said...

Your girls are so cute. I love the name boards with I am a Child of God. Great idea! Hey I was thinking about the Luke/Lucas thing... maybe you can say it is like Grandpa (Dave/David) and how his name is David but everyone calls him Dave. By the way - I do not care for your word verification because I never get it right the first time...

Lindsey said...

Those are darling boards with their names on them and I am a child of God! I love it. And your girls are so cute and I want to know what you will have next. Way to go for teaching Darby what a teaspoon is.

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

thanks for all your sweet comments. i was just having a really, really bad day. things are looking up though! again, i appreciate it.=)

Courtney said...

Those are boards are so cute. I love those kinds of things.

cori said...

i love your girls too. did you ever get baylie's name tag for that other thing? i can't remember if i sent it.

thanks for the food storage info.

right now at target for $7.00 you can get an apron set with chef hat for darby. its back in their play kitchen. its perfect for her!