Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Turtle Sitting

We are turtle sitting while my neices are away.

We love it. they provide entertainment.

They eat kale. Just two tablespoons a day.

The sleep alot. And don't make noise

We can get them out of the cage.

Don't forget the anti-bacterial squirty stuff.

Low maintenance. I think they might be the perfect pet.

Luke "The turtles are so cute I can't stand it!"

My kids can't get close enough.


Nash said...

I love sprouts on my sandwiches.
Glad to see more pictures.
Now, aren't turtles supposed to carry serious bacteria or something?

Amber said...

I think Jackson would like a turtle or frog. He doesn't really pay our fish any attention.

Heather said...

That's good to get to try it out before getting one yourself. I'm sure you're taking very good care of them.

Beth said...

I love that Luke quote.

Nancy said...

Love the up close pictures! Watching the olympics reminds me of Darby... xoxoxmom

Crazy Lady said...

pam, its the really tiny ones that have the diseases and they are illegal to buy....i think. i hope. like you could get them at the garment district.

too bad you couldn't test out all pets.