Sunday, August 17, 2008

Camera Woman Again!

I'm so glad to have a camera again! A real one. A hopefully unbreakable one now with a smarter, more careful owner. So that way I can take pictures of my food (I don't know why I like to do that)...and my cute children in the background. I thought it would be really funny since I love to check out the food blogs, so only do really crappy pictures of food, since all I see are pictures that should be in a magazine probably taken with million dollar camera in natural lighting on pretty plates. But back on subject. Here is a veggie sandwhich that I have come to love. Especially when I run out of meat. Guaranteed to make Jason and my mom puke with all the green and red thingies.

okay, she is just too cute not to take a picture of now, way better than the dumb sandwich. so I think she might be in my favorite age. Not the easiest age, although its improved, but just so dang cute. I think baylie would win the popularity contest at our house right now.

She wants to be big like the others, but then she doesn't. I dont' know why she is crying right here, but I'm sure is cause she wanted this thing off 5 seconds after I put it on, or cause she wants me to hold her, or she is frustrated....girl, we need to get you talking fast!

On the subject of children, Here is a cute article I read today, makes my life feel calm.

The big kids take turns giving each other rides. Darby gets the raw deal on that end if you ask me.

Packing the car for the beach. That girl is a ham.

Now they all have to do it. I love my pimp gray van. And I am going to get year. And rims, cause I've scraped the crud (nicer than crap) out of mine on the school's curb.

And the kid progression of what comes next. Hey, at least he's not on top of the car.

I saw this on Picky Palate and thought it was a cute twist on spaghetti cause i can get bored with spaghetti. Mi familia loved it, but next time I would do Spaghetti bowls, cause they were too small.

Model #1

Model #2

And the real news story here is that Luke can ride his bike! Or as he says, "I can ride a two wheeler!" Was easier than I thought it would be and just as cute. Fun to be the parent who runs next to him and then lets go when he doesn't realize it and is so excited when he realizes he's donig it on his own. Now he wants to ride as soon as he wakes up in the morning.

The racer.



Heather said...

Yeah for Luke! You and your sisters have such cute kids. I'll have that UT post up later tonight. I had over 500 pictures to sort through which isn't so easy when your computer is acting up.

Sara Jane said...

I have been eating those bagel sandwhiches all last week! I quite like them. The spaghetti cups look good. Glad you have a camera again.

Nancy said...

Your kids are TOO CUTE! I love that you have such creative, yummy food. It is a reflection of your artsy talent. Miss you! xoxoxmom

kasie said...

those are cute pics of the kids and wow he can ride a boke with know training wheels!

uncle bobo said...

no training wheels!!!?!?