Saturday, August 9, 2008

Let the good times roll and roll

Mi familia (right before 9 a.m. church...) And I think this is the tannest Jason's has ever been in his life. Too bad the sun is so bad because don't we all look pretty tan. Thats why I should've been Mexican...that and the food.

Warning this is a picture marathon.

Baylie hugging her cuz EmmaJane

B ready for the water. We dont' mess around.

Napkins please? Sad that I take pictures of my favorite food, but I'm still missing these. Two points if you can guess the restaurant...sorry its in bama folks.

First of all this is my brother in law. Second, he was my 'corn nugget model' Fried yummy morsels with corn (creamy corn) in them. Killed my diet , but wish I had more. I wonder how you make these? Freeze the corn mixture when you fry them? Hmmm...

My girls were obsessed with feeding the dogs. After we hid the dog treats from them (cause Mabel and Daisy got plenty) they resorted to dog food.

Of course Baylie's gotta be digging in the dog food too.

Baylie eating at my favorite place to eat. We should've gone their twice. Lindsey you'll have to for me.

Wind Blown Hair

Did I mention this lake water was 89 degrees? According to the seadoo (how is that spelled) temperture reading.

I could kiss her...I'll go find her so I can.

I love roller skating. One of the best dates I went on in high school was roller skating. And who doesn't love disco skating at BYU...we Mormons sho' know how to party.

Brooke tip of the day: Please wear shoes outside (yes I know barefoot is so much more fun), but if you don't wear shoes and you are outside with the girls and knock on the window to see if Luke's okay inside, then watch your step cause you are going to fall on a nasty looking sprinkler and cut your heel. and there will be blood. And then your cell phone will fall out of your pocket and into the tub when you are washing off your ouchy foot. So nobody call me until I dry it out...takes about a week for me. So wear shoes.


Lindsey said...

Those are the cutest pictures of Baylie and everyone of course!! And I love the family picture too! But B's bangs are so darling! Looks like so much fun. I am now officially craving Things and Wings and Mama Rosas!! Those are awesome lake pictures. You guys partied hard! I haven't roller skated in forever. Looks so fun

Anonymous said...

Great times! Made us miss you more! Kiss everyone for us!

Gina said...

Your kids really are darling! FYI I love your tips!

Amber said...

I love that actually know where the pictures were taken:) I love Mama Rosa's too.

alison said...

Thanks for posting more pics of the trip! I love seeing all the fam!!! Thanks also for your advice last night. You are such a wise woman!!! (wink, wink).

Tara said...

The corn nuggets gave it away! Things and Wings! Oh how I would love some of those corn nuggets!

Amberli said...

hooray, i love picture marathons. thanks for the shoe wearing tip, sorry about the heal! serves you right for being a peeping tom!