Monday, August 11, 2008

TAG...6 random things

I got tagged by TARA to do 6 random things that you might not know. Crap this will be hard cause blabbermouths don't have too many secrets. Here it goes:

1. I love the olympics and have teared up at least 5 times already. Got some serious USA pride.

2. I recently lost 3 lbs and gained it back when I was in Bama...crap.

3. My brother just started medical this week. I can't wait to find out if its really like Scrubs, cause if there ain't singing I'm going to be super disappointed.

4. I am the anti-traveler. Not on purpose, just out of practicality. I would be shocked if I ever made it to Europe. Not because I don't want to go to amazing places, but I'm too attached to that money in my savings. If we ever have excess that it what I'd like to do, but we are pinching for a house people! Before 2025! And really I can only see my family (McCoy and Evans) once or twice a year and I can't imagine choosing Hawaii over my mom or all the cousins.

5. I'm still walking around like a gimp from my heel getting sliced by the deadly sprinklers.

6. Penelope was the best movie I've seen in a long time. Especially with the company I watched it with. Go watch it.



English Garden said...

I totally think you should get your families to meet you in Hawaii. I'm loving the olympics too.

Crazy Lady said...

Claire, apparently you missed the part about me hating to see all that money leave my bank account!

In the meantime, San Diego or Santa Barbara will suffice. :)

christy said...

dido on numbers 1 and 6. i think i will like traveling better when the kids are older and we hopefully also have more money. right now we travel mostly locally and when it's related to work so we don't foot the whole bill. cory's in taiwan but we didn't tag along because airfare would have been thousands of dollars. we'll have to settle for souvenirs.

cori said...

penelope is a very cute movie! love it!

Nathan and Emily said...

The South conquers again! Darn that fried okra, oh it's all so good!

Amberli said...

dude, i hear you on the pinching pennies for a house before 2025 business - same boat - although i'd give ALL my pennies to travel the world...ok, maybe all my pennies besides those needed to purchase a house. i go around now telling myself "no, i want a house more then i want this pair of shoes" when i'm out shopping to keep myself from spending mt much needed pennies.