Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big old idiot

Just had to throw some old pictures (that's Darby I'm holding) in there to not make this post totally boring. And chuckle at the family resemblance...or personality resemblance, I'm not sure which is stronger. Its not even 11 a.m. and I've already been to the doctor, we should just give them a cut of the paycheck. But as long as it gets the kids healthy its worth it, right?

Anyway, I know I shouldn't say idiot, cause I won't let my kids say that, but I'm a big old idiot. Because while I was dreaming about me going to my old grocery store, I left the dang milk I bought in the kitchen and never put it into the refrigerator. And I had already done that with the mayo in the same day. Left it out so had to throw it away, so yesterday at my old store I bought mayo to replace the one I left out, milk that I ended up leaving out so had to throw out, and expensive organic bananas. Hey, vacation can't come sooner!

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G. Sterling said...

haha, you guys are so funny. did ya'll get my announcement yet? okay thats a lie, but things are good over here. we still never got a chance to chat...