Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oh Ralph, do you miss me?

Disclaimer: Probably shouldn't read this if you have any else better to do...cause this is my least newsworthy story ever.

The kids and I had to kill 15 minutes before picking up Jason at a random bus stop (long story, but the car is in the shop) at Universal and I found myself going to the old grocery store I used to shop at. It was so wierd. I've really missed it.

At first I was totally disoriented.

"Where the heck is the milk? " Oh, that way? Okay, this is looking more familiar. Now I remember. Hey, theres that gay checkout guy. I missed him. Oh yeah, and cooler, better dressed people than the Ralphs I currently frequent. Remembering all the C list celebrities I'd seen there. Was this the Fred Savage one? Nope, that was in NoHo. Do you remember when the stores were on strike? My kids remembered the place too. "Hey, I remember this one!" as we walked past the lobsters...don't they all have lobsters? Luke asked about the bagger with the hook, but we didn't see him. Nor the heavily tatooed one, who was very nice. Hours spent (cummulative) shopping those isles. Cashed in tons of coupons. Talked on the cell phone while I shopped like a pro. Probably to my sister. I went there five years, which for Jason and I is incredibly stable (even though we moved 3x in that little city). When we moved I seriously wanted to bring cookies tothe employees and tell them good-bye...but I decided that was wierd.

But I'm glad I had my ten minutes today. To take it all in again. I wonder if anyone recognized me? Okay, so obviously not, that might be wierder. I'm plus a kid and still causing a scene. Fortunately we didn't knock down the cart and we (me + the three) are terrified to do it. Easier to keep them in line now, all I have to mention is possibly tipping over Baylie.

But back to Mr. Old Grocery store, glad I got to revisit you today...nice to drive in your underground parking again. Too bad your bananas were too green so I had to buy organic. That is strange for me.


English Garden said...

I kinda miss that Ralphs too, and they have the cool race car shopping carts, the one here in SO has nothing fun like that, the one in Encino by Eric's office has little shopping carts and we sometimes go there as Kates loves to push those, I get nervous she's going to run into the wine displays!! Loved that underground parking too.

Beth said...

So funny. I went there today too. I can just picture you and your gang walking the isles. I don't know how you grocery shop with three. I have a hard time handling two right now. :)

G. Sterling said...

haha, lukes outfit is sweet! have him give me some pointers...