Sunday, June 15, 2008

Why Jason is a great dad


Despite the poor camera-work, this is an amazing video of Jason's turn in our weekly family game of Simon Says. He is the most fun ...although Darby does give a great shot at it.

Although I try to avoid mushy gushy at all costs, or brag-husband-fests...Jason is due for one. How lucky I got when I married him...Jason is a great dad, much due to the fact when we first got married and lived in married student housing at BYU, we were one of two couples without kids (yes BYU is a strange place) and he told me he wasn't going to be a goober dad after watching a fair share of them. And he is no goober and is equal, no joke, in parenting to me, which is hard cause I'm dang good ;) And of course he was raised by a great dad himself. He makes our house much more fun. Feel free to try his moves at home.

And I have his permission to show his fancy footwork.


Lindsey said...

very cute!! That is hilarious!

cori said...

us vegas mccoys are loving it.

simon says...come to las vegas.

Heather said...

Funny! Jason and Luke both.

uncle bobo said...

I love Luke's quote. He is so smart. Jason is funny. You lucked out with him and he lucked out with you too. just look at your kids you know. xoxobrand

uncle bobo said...

oh yeah, how far is the race. brooke you would kick my trash now : )

mist said...

I laughed. The "la la la" is so Jason being funny. I hope you guys had a great father's day. Have fun with Nance. Luke's quote is darling. I can't wait until he goes to kindergarten...can you imagine the stories he will tell:-)